Swelia Da Silva Antonio biography: 10 things Miss Supranational Netherlands 2021


Swelia Da Silva Antonio is an Afro-Dutch beauty queen. Here are 10 more things about her:

  1. She hails from The Hague, Netherlands.
  2. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nonprofit, public and organizational management from The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
  3. She and her family are originally from Angola. In 1999, she and her family moved from Angola to the Netherlands.
  4. She was selected as a Miss Africa Netherlands 2017 candidate but she was not able to participate in the competition.
  5. From February 2019 to July 2019, she was a Carnegie Foundation intern in The Hague.
  6. On November 8, 2020, she was crowned Miss Supranational Netherlands 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  7. She was 23 years old when she was crowned Miss Supranational Netherlands 2020.
  8. In 2021, she earned her master’s degree in public administration from the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  9. While reigning as Miss Supranational Netherlands 2020-2021, she served as an ambassador of education for the Black Ladies Talk organization.
  10. Since Miss Supranational 2020 was cancelled due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, she represented the Netherlands at Miss Supranational 2021 on August 21, 2021 in Nowy Sącz, Malopolska, Poland and finished in the Top 12.

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