Miss Earth Nigeria 2021 results: Gwenivere Ifeanyieze crowns Christine Telfer in Calabar, Cross River State


  • beauty pageant: Miss Earth Nigeria
  • edition: 20th
  • date: August 28, 2021
  • venue: The Dome, Calabar Municipal Gardens, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
  • number of candidates: 18



  1. Zino Precious, 21, Delta State
  2. Suoyo Enenimiete Mercy, 22, Bayelsa State
  3. Christine Telfer Edet Ugah, 23, Cross River State
  4. Akugbo Amaka Precious, 21, Rivers State
  5. Praise Arthur, 22, Akwa Ibom
  6. Sandrah Kalu, 26, Imo State
  7. Bakor Dornubari Precious, 21, Rivers State
  8. Adenike Adebayo, 24, Kwara State
  9. Judith Ameh, 27, Benue State
  10. Diana Noel, 20, Rivers State
  11. Cindy Onwusiakwe, 23, Delta State
  12. Sandra Chidimma Obilor, 26, Imo State
  13. Udofia Precious, 23, Akwa Ibom
  14. Mbanusi Chidiogo, 27, Anambra State
  15. Ebi Tasha Ruth, 26, Bayelsa State
  16. Victoria Ibiso Tony, 24, Rivers State
  17. Gift Ukeme Adam, 20, Akwa Ibom
  18. Okolo Justina Chidimma, 25, Anambra State



Resort WearSuoyo Enenimiete Mercy
(Bayelsa State)
Christine Telfer Edet Ugah
(Cross River State)
Mbanusi Chidiogo (Anambra State)
Traditional WearEbi Tasha Ruth
Okolo Justina Chidimma (Anambra State)Udofia Precious
(Akwa Ibom)
Afrocentric DesignChristine Telfer Edet Ugah
(Cross River State)
Zino Precious (Delta State)
Mbanusi Chidiogo (Anambra State)
Diana Noel
(Rivers State)
Long GownAdenike Adebayo
(Kwara State)
Suoyo Enenimiete Mercy
(Bayelsa State)
Cindy Onwusiakwe
(Delta State)



  • Miss Congeniality: Okolo Justina Chidimma (Anambra), Suoyo Enenimiete Mercy (Bayelsa)
  • Most Creative: Judith Ameh (Benue State)


TOP 10

  1. Ebi Tasha Ruth (Bayelsa State)
  2. Diana Noel (Rivers State)
  3. Akugbo Amaka Precious (Rivers State)
  4. Adenike Adebayo (Kwara State)
  5. Christine Telfer Edet Ugah (Cross Rivers State)
  6. Zino Precious (Delta State)
  7. Victoria Ibiso Tony (Rivers State)
  8. Mbanusi Chidiogo (Anambra State)
  9. Suoyo Enenimiete Mercy (Bayelsa State)
  10. Bakor Dornubari Precious (Rivers State)



  1. Mbanusi Chidiogo (Anambra State)
  2. Akugbo Amaka Precious (Rivers State)
  3. Suoyo Enenimiete Mercy (Bayelsa State)
  4. Christine Telfer Edet Ugah (Cross Rivers State)
  5. Zino Precious (Delta State)



Miss Earth Nigeria-Eco TourismCatherine Beredugo
(Rivers State)
Zino Precious
(Delta State)
Miss Earth Nigeria-FireTammy Esther Andoya
(Cross River State)
Akugbo Amaka Precious
(Rivers State)
Miss Earth Nigeria-WaterMbanusi Chidiogo
(Anambra State)
Mbanusi Chidiogo
(Anambra State)
Miss Earth Nigeria-AirBecca Olajumoke
(Ondo State)
Suoyo Enenimiete Mercy
(Bayelsa State)
MISS EARTH NIGERIAGwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze
(Enugu State)
Christine Telfer Edet Ugah
(Cross River State)

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