beauty pageant results

Miss Honduras Universe 2021 results: Cecilia Rossell crowns Rose Melendez in Roatán, Bay Islands

  • beauty pageant: Miss Honduras Universe
  • edition: 14th
  • date: August 28, 2021
  • venue: Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort, Roatán, Bay Islands, Honduras
  • performers: Angie Flores
  • number of candidates: 16



  1. Miss Atlántida Universe 2021 Dariana Reyes
  2. Miss Atlantis 2021 Dariana Reyes
  3. Miss Colon Universe 2021 Stephanie Matute
  4. Miss Comayagua Universe 2021 Skarlin Hernandez
  5. Miss Danli Universe 2021 Jennifer Valladares
  6. Miss Guanaja Universe 2021 Jennifer Hernandez
  7. Miss La Ceiba Universe 2021 Heidy Lemus
  8. Miss La Lima Universe 2021 Nancy Samayoa
  9. Miss Limon Universe 2021 Rose Marian Melendez Lopez
  10. Miss Ojojona Universe 2021 Katherine Martinez
  11. Miss Olanchito Universe 2021 Angelica Burgos
  12. Miss Olancho Universe 2021 Rely Ramos
  13. Miss Puerto Cortes Universe 2021 Nasifa Gabrie
  14. Miss Santa Barbara Universe 2021 Berny Mejía
  15. Miss Tegucigalpa Universe 2021 Woldie Durón
  16. Miss Yoro Universe 2021 Valeria Cardona


*according to order of announcement

TOP 10

  1. Valeria Cardona (Yoro)
  2. Rose Marian Melendez Lopez (Limon)
  3. Woldie Durón (Tegucigalpa)
  4. Dariana Reyes (Atlantida)
  5. Nasifa Gabrie (Puerto Cortes)
  6. Berny Mejía (Santa Barbara)
  7. Skarlin Hernandez (Comayagua)
  8. Heidy Lemus (La Ceiba)
  9. Nancy Samayoa (La Lima)
  10. Rely Ramos (Olancho)



  1. Dariana Reyes (Atlantida)
  2. Rose Marian Melendez Lopez (Limon)
  3. Woldie Durón (Tegucigalpa)
  4. Nasifa Gabrie (Puerto Cortes)
  5. Nancy Samayoa (La Lima)



PLACEMENT20192020 2021
5th runner-up Jasmin Oseguera
4th runner-upJenifer Figueroa
(Puerto Cortes)
N/A Nancy Samayoa
(La Lima)
3rd runner-upCecilia Maria Rossel Guerra
N/A Woldie Durón
2nd runner-upKennia Mondragon
N/A Dariana Reyes
1st runner-upAlejandra Fuentes
N/ANasifa Gabrie
(Puerto Cortes)
Miss Universe HondurasRosemary Natali Arauz Mejia
(San Pedro)
Cecilia Maria Rossel Guerra
(Copan) *appointed
Rose Marian Melendez Lopez


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