Fraggingmonk Promotions, DY Incredible to bring Filipino fighters to India


What happens when you bring in the best combat sports fighters from the Philippines to faceoff against the best that India has to offer? We may soon find out.

In association with eminent Indian coach Vishal Seigell of Koi Combat Academy, Fraggingmonk Promotions is in talks with the Dy Incredible fight team of the Philippines. The talks center around bringing fighters from the Philippines into India with the intention of putting together the best that both countries have to offer in the ring.


The Dy Incredible fight team is owned and run by Rolando Gabriel “The Incredible” Dy. He is a Filipino mixed martial arts veteran who has been fighting in Bahrain-based MMA promotion BRAVE Combat Federation since 2017.

Fighting professionally since 2011, Dy competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship from 2017 to 2018. In 2019, he reigned as the UAE Warriors Featherweight Champion.


Fraggingmonk Promotions was founded by Vaibhav Shetty, who is also the president of the World Boxing Council (WBC) MuayThai India and a regional coordinator for the World Boxing Foundation (WBF). In November 2020, he made history as the first World Kickboxing Network (WKN) champion from India.

On September 4, 2021, Fraggingmonk Promotions will crown six new WKN India Kickboxing Cup champions and the inaugural WBC Muay Thai India champion. These matchups are certainly bound to lead towards some mouth watering title fights for Asian combat sports fans.

Vaibhav Shetty
Vaibhav Shetty

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