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Stephen DeBerardinis biography: 13 things about Boston, Massachusetts man


Stephen M. DeBerardinis is a white man from Massachusetts, United States. He is an expert in computer maintenance, data and voice cabling and installing networks and WiFi access points.

DeBerardinis holds a Dell Certified System Expert (DCSE) certification. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. (a)(b)
  2. Aside from Boston, he has also lived in other parts of Massachusetts including Dedham and Hyde Park. (c)(d)(e)
  3. He previously lived in Eufaula, Oklahoma, USA. (d)
  4. He previously lived in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. (d)
  5. From 1990 to 1995, he attended Wayland Academy in Wayland, Massachusetts where he studied computer engineering. (a)
  6. In 1996, he started working on computers. From 1996 to 1999, he worked for Ryno Network. (a)
  7. From 1999 to July 2016, he worked for Boston PC Rescue as a computer engineer. (a)
  8. In January 2019, he launched the American Defense Store in Boston, which he owns. (b)
  9. On January 6, 2021, he allegedly threatened an interracial couple, an African-American man, then 37, and a white woman, then 34, via Facebook Messenger and tried to prevent the couple from reporting the threats and harassment to law enforcement. The couple announced their engagement on Facebook and shared their photographs in December 2020. He allegedly send several messages to the couple via Facebook Messenger including “EWWWWWWWW YOUR A N***** F***** F****** DIRTY A** WHITE TRASH,” “SNITCHES GET STITCHES,” “Read up more on me lol… you will see how me and my crew burn n*****s alive,” and “And white whores like you well…. get rape and killed THAN we cut off body parts and mail them to your family lol.” He did not personally know the couple personally but he had mutual Facebook friends with the female victim. (c)(e)
  10. On September 14, 2021,  he was a prominent participant in a Back the Blue rally in front of the police station in West Roxbury, Boston. (f)
  11. A criminal complaint was filed against him, which was signed in Massachusetts on September 28, 2021. (e)
  12. On September 29, 2021, he was arrested and charged with one count of transmitting in interstate commerce threats to injure a person; one count of tampering with a witness and victim by intimidation, threats and corrupt persuasion; and one count of tampering with a witness and victim by harassment. He made his first court appearance in Boston. (c)
  13. He was 45 years old when he was arrested on September 29, 2021. (c)


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  1. I went to high school with this peach! He was a harmless dork then and he still is today! He used to pick on kids that I liked. I tried to get him to fight me but like I said he’s effing harmless unless he’s behind a computer apparently! The worst kind of P**** !


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