Buk Mawut Buk biography: 13 things about Salt Lake City, Utah resident from Sudan


Buk Mawut Buk is a Sudanese man who lives in Utah, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

Buk Mawut Buk (©Salt Lake City Jail)
Buk Mawut Buk (©Salt Lake City Jail)
  1. He is a citizen of Sudan. (a)
  2. He is a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah. (a)
  3. He previously lived in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah with his family. (b)
  4. He is one year older than his brother Deng Mawut Buk. (b)
  5. In 2018, he was found guilty of shoplifting and failing to appear in court. (c)
  6. On May 26, 2019, he and Deng were arrested after assaulting police officers who were responding to a domestic dispute involving members of their family. (b)(d)
  7. On October 12, 2019, he and an underage cousin robbed George Bekmezian and Bekmezian’s daughter, then 21, at gunpoint when the father and daughter were supposed to buy a phone sold online. He was arrested and charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and first-degree robbery. (c)(e)
  8. In June 2020, he was convicted of robbery in two separate cases and sentenced to three years of probation. (c)(f)
  9. In November 2020, he was found with ammo in his pocket that matched the caliber of a stolen handgun found in a vehicle and was taken into custody as a fleeing passenger of a stolen vehicle. He was charged with second-degree theft by receiving stolen property and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, which were ultimately dismissed. He pleaded guilty to failing to stop at the command of a law enforcement officer. (c)
  10. In March 2021, he was free on 36 months probation. (c)
  11. On September 26, 2021, he and several others allegedly crashed a house party near Salt Lake City that was exclusively for the University of Utah‘s football players including Aaron Lowe, 21. He is accused of firing two or three shots at Lowe and a woman, 20, Lowe was with during the party. Lowe died at the scene while the woman was hospitalized in critical condition. (a)(b)
  12. On October 3, 2021, he was arrested and charged with murder, aggravated murder, felony discharge of a firearm and violation of parole or probation. He was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail without bail. (a)(c)(d)
  13. He was 22 years old when he was arrested on October 3, 2021. (a)


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  1. Now someone else is dead because of him, what is wrong with the legal system? He should still be in prison from previous crimes and then when he is released he should have been deported right then and there, but no, he is out early for some reason and allowed to just do as he pleases and ends up shooting someone else and kills them, how long of sentences will he serve this time? A month or two then be released? What a joke, I have always been proud to be American but it’s becoming harder and harder because of all these embarrassing things our legal and political system keep doing, it’s not right and if you think it is right then you are part of the problem


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