Chumphon, Thailand’s Jareerat Petsom is Miss Earth-Fire 2021


“Baitong” Jareerat Petsom, 28, of Chumphon, Thailand is Miss Earth-Fire 2021. She succeeds Michala Rubinstein, 28, of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hosted by James Deakin, the Miss Earth 2021 coronation ceremony was broadcast on the beauty pageant’s social media accounts on November 21, 2021. It was the 21st edition of the Philippines-based international beauty pageant that advocates for environmental awareness, conservation and social responsibility.

Including Petsom, 89 women competed for the Miss Earth 2021 crown, making it the edition with the highest number of contestants. It is also the second edition held virtually amid the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It was Destiny Evelyn Wagner, 25, of Belize who won the Miss Earth 2021 crown while Miss Earth-Air 2021 Marisa Paige Butler, 27, of the United States was her runner-up. Miss Earth-Water 2021 Romina Denecken van der Veen, 20, of Chile is second runner-up and Petsom is third runner-up.

Born and raised in Chumphon, Petsom is very close to her only one elder sister, who is one year older than her. They were both in kindergarten when their parents divorced.

Petsom went on to become a model. She is also a documentary host, director and scriptwriter.


Since 2005, Petsom has been a member of the Environmental Conservation Club in Thailand. She later started producing travelling programs, which allowed her to creatively raise awareness about conservation.

After having been appointed by the United Nations Development Programs as a security operations associate and as an environmental ambassador by the Green World Foundation, Petsom became dedicated to creating truly sustainable change aside from doing forest conservation and marine conservation. She loves everything about Thailand and is proud of the country’s resources.

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