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Brenda Smith Lezama biography: 13 things about Miss Universe Panama 2021


Brenda Smith Lezama is a Mexican-Panamanian-American actress, model and beauty queen. An Afro-Latin culture advocate, she has dedicated herself raise awareness about human rights and the recognition and development of African people.

Born in the United States, Lezama lived in Florida, Missouri and Georgia. She also lived in Panama City, Panama and Mexico City, Mexico.

Lezama earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and cultural studies from the University of Missouri. Here are 13 more things about her:


  1. She is 5’7″ tall.
  2. She was Miss Georgia Teen USA 2012 second runner-up.
  3. She was Miss Missouri Teen USA 2013.
  4. Representing Missouri, she finished in the Top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2013.
  5. In 2015, she appeared in several television shows including “PBS NewsHour,” “Dr. Drew on Call” and “MSNBC Live.”
  6. She was Miss Georgia USA 2017 first runner-up.
  7. In 2018, she appeared in the TV series “El Gordo y La Flaca,” “Republica Deportiva,” “Nuestra Belleza Latina,” “iDespierta America!” and “Los Cousins.” She also played a therapist in the short film “Reversion.”
  8. She played Verletta Walker in the short film “Little Stylist,” which was released in the U.S. on June 1, 2019.
  9. While reigning as Mexicana Universal Ciudad de México 2019, she worked on a project with the United Nations.
  10. Representing Ciudad de Mexico, she was Mexicana Universal 2020 second runner-up.
  11. On November 7, 2021, she represented Panama Centro at Señorita Panamá 2021 and competed against 28 other candidates at the Hotel Whyndham Convention Center in Panama City. She won the title, making her Panama’s Miss Universe 2021 candidate.
  12. She was 27 years old when she was crowned Miss Universe Panama 2021.
  13. On December 12, 2021, she represented Panama at Miss Universe 2021 and competed against 79 other candidates in Eilat, Israel. She finished in the Top 16.

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