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Rose Melendez biography: 13 things about Miss Universe Honduras 2021


Rose Marian Melendez Lopez is a Honduran volleyball player, model and beauty queen. She belongs to the Garifuna people, a mixed African and indigenous people who are descended from the Black Caribs, who lived on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent.

A resident of Limon, Colon, Honduras, Melendez competes in the Sula Valley Volleyball League. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She is 5’9″ tall.
  2. In August 2016, she represented Limon and competed against 17 other candidates at Miss Honduras Ébano 2016. She emerged as the winner, making her the fourth woman to hold the title.
  3. On April 16, 2020, she was in La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras.
  4. On June 3, 2020, she took to Instagram to support the Black Lives Matter movement.
  5. On September 20, 2020, she was in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras.
  6. She is Miss Limon Universe 2021.
  7. On March 13, 2021, she was in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
  8. On April 9, 2021, she visited the Rio Zacate Trail in the Pico Bonito National Park in Honduras.
  9. In June 2021, she visited Sambo Creek in Atlantida.
  10. On August 28, 2021, she represented Limon and competed against 15 other candidates at Miss Honduras Universe 2021 at the Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort in Roatán, Bay Islands, Honduras. She won the title, making her Honduras’s Miss Universe 2021 candidate.
  11. She was 27 years old when she was crowned Miss Universe Honduras 2021.
  12. While reigning as Miss Universe Honduras 2021, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration.
  13. On December 12, 2021, she represented Honduras at Miss Universe 2021 and competed against 79 other candidates in Eilat, Israel. She was unplaced.

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