How has online dating changed marriage and relationships in the 21st century?


Before the advent of online dating, courtship was often a long-winded affair. People would cross paths with prospective partners in social situations, then begin a process of finding out more about them. Their family background. Their income level. Whether or not they had already been married, or had children from previous relationships. After cultivating the right sense of compatibility, an engagement might be announced.

How things have changed in the 21st century! So how have dating sites changed modern marriage and relationships?

laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)
laptop, notepad (©Nick Morrison)

Potential dating pool

When singles attended events in the offline world, they were restricted to a choice of partner. Whoever happened to be occupying the same venue. The moment you register with an online dating outlet and join online singles chat you’ll gain access to a practically unlimited range of possibilities. You are under no obligation to stick with the first person you appear to hit it off with, either. Many people seeking a relationship or potential marriage partner on a dating site will chat to several prospective individuals, creating a shortlist that can be steadily whittled down.


Choice of partner

When singles are seeking someone for a relationship, the first decision they need to make is where are the most likely outlets for coming across their ideal match. Casual encounters? Try a busy bar. Something longer-term? Find the appropriate dating service based on sourcing the most compatible matches. Online dating has made it so much easier for people to track down kindred spirits. The dating world is your oyster.


Spreading the boundaries

Online dating knows no barriers. When you sign up to one of the longer-established websites or apps, you’ll be tapping into a membership running into millions across the globe. It could be that you’ve always fancied the idea of a more exotic relationship than getting together with someone local? If that’s the case, joining a dating outlet is just as likely to introduce you to a fiery Latina or a charming Far Eastern single as the girl or boy next door!


Inclusive dating communities

21st-century online dating ensures that nobody ever feels isolated. Communities such as LGBTQ or disabled people, who perhaps felt they had fewer opportunities to socialize compared to their ‘straight counterparts’ now have a haven. By signing up to an dating service, they’ll instantly find themselves in the company of individuals on their wavelength. The secure communication channels available will encourage them to open up about the type of relationship they’re seeking. This optimism and community spirit will inspire more and more singles to go down the route of signing up to a site, providing the existing members with even more choice. Word will continue spreading, and site users will keep coming back.

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