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Which diets can help you achieve a healthy body and skin? Find out here


It has been rightly said that a person’s health and wellness are more than anything else in their possession. Without good physical health, you can’t really enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer no matter how extravagant they are. It has been historically known that our health is directly dependent on the food we consume. However, most people don’t know what diet to adopt to get their desired results. There are so many diets out there that a beginner can easily get overwhelmed and even someone who has had prior experience experimenting with different diets might falter. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most amazing diets that you can adopt to keep your body healthy and make your skin glow. These are the diets that have been tested time and again by people desiring the same results as you do, and are guaranteed to provide you with at least some benefits. So without further ado, let’s get to it and find out which diets will help you achieve that coveted physique and glowing skin that everyone wants. 

fruits, vegetables (©Engin Akyurt)
fruits, vegetables (©Engin Akyurt)

1. Vegan diet

One of the most popular diets in today’s world is the vegan diet. Even those who haven’t adopted it must’ve heard of it somewhere at least once. Vegans eliminate all sorts of animal and meat products from their diets including dairy as well. This diet helps you reduce the intake of cholesterol and saturated fat, both of which are detrimental to your health. Most people don’t appreciate the strict abstinence practiced by vegans and spread rumors about how ineffective it is; however, it does have plenty of benefits for your cardiac health and overall wellbeing. So if you’re willing to drop things like meat, eggs, and dairy then this might be the path for you.


2. Mediterranean diet

If you think veganism is too much and want to take a more balanced approach then this diet might tickle your fancy. The Mediterranean diet relies quite heavily on fruits and vegetables as well, however, the consumption of meat isn’t prohibited. Fish is preferred over other meats and chicken, and vegetable oils like olive oil are used over butter and other types of fat. The results are proven as well since the dietitians at rawbeautysource have recommended this diet after consulting with over 30+ professionals coupled with their AI-based recommendations. People have been consuming these diets in the Mediterranean for centuries and it’s been working well enough for them in achieving Greek god physiques. 


3. Raw food diet

The food that we eat today is so heavily processed and loaded with preservatives that some people stop consuming them altogether. The raw food diet lays an emphasis on eating foods that are unprocessed, uncooked and unpreserved so that the body isn’t flooded with chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful in the long run. Proponents of this diet claim that it leads to a surge in energy and cleanses the body of toxins which leads to better skin. This diet is free of any contaminants and the followers usually prefer growing their own organic foods that are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 


4. Fruitarian diet

Lastly, we have the most unique diet on our list. A fruitarian is someone who survives entirely on fruit alone. This is somewhat of a risky proposition because of the factors involved. If you can source multiple different kinds of fruits with all the micronutrients you need, you can go on ahead with it. Since fruits are naturally rich in antioxidants, this diet can help you reverse aging and enhance the beauty of your skin. However, it’s not recommended for those who can’t guarantee that their fruits have all the nutrients they need as it can lead to severe malnourishment if not done right. However, this diet found its way onto our list solely because of its novelty and the potential positive effects that you can get if you do it right.


These are some of the most promising diets that you can adopt if you want to take control of your life and develop a healthy lifestyle. Remember not to take any of these diets overboard as you risk malnutrition if you take any diet to an extreme for a very long time. Make sure that you’re balanced in your approach and get all your daily nutrients to get the maximum benefits out of any diet. If you make sure of these few things and stick to a diet, then you’ll be able to achieve a healthy body, both from the inside and the outside.

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