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Diana Toebbe biography: 13 things about teacher from Annapolis, Maryland


Diana Smay Toebbe is a white woman from Maryland, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:

Diana Toebbe, Jonathan Toebbe
Diana Toebbe, Jonathan Toebbe
  1. She lives in Annapolis, Maryland. She worked for Key School in Annapolis as a faculty member. (a)(b)
  2. She has lived in different parts of California, USA including San Diego and Santa Cruz. (c)
  3. She previously lived in Denver, Colorado, USA and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (c)(d)
  4. She is married to Jonathan Toebbe. (a)
  5. In 2005, she and Jonathan started working in the high school science department of Kent Denver School in Englewood, Colorado. (d)
  6. In 2008, she and Jonathan registered as Democrats in Colorado. (d)
  7. On October 10, 2016, she updated her Facebook profile picture with the words “Women can stop Trump” on top of her photo. (c)
  8. On June 2, 2020, she updated her Facebook profile picture with an image containing the words “Black Lives Matter.” (c)
  9. On June 26, 2021, she and Jonathan traveled to a location in West Virginia, USA. With her acting as a lookout, he sold information known as restricted data concerning the design of nuclear-powered warships to someone they believed was a representative of a foreign power but was actually an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent. (a)(b)(d)(e)
  10. FBI special agent Justin Van Tromp filed a criminal complaint against her and Jonathan, which was signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert W. Trumble on October 8, 2021. On October 9, 2021, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and FBI agents arrested her and Jonathan in Jefferson, West Virginia. (a)(b)(c)(e)
  11. She was 45 years old when she was arrested on October 9, 2021. She is three years older than Jonathan. (a)
  12. After her arrest on October 9, 2021, Key School suspended her indefinitely. On October 12, 2021, she and Jonathan appeared in federal court in Martinsburg, West Virginia. (a)(b)
  13. On February 14, 2022, Jonathan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to communicate restricted data related to the design of nuclear-powered warships. On February 18, 2022, she pleaded guilty to the same offense. (f)

(This is a developing story. More details will be added.)


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