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Complete list of Miss New Jersey USA 2022 candidates


Miss New Jersey USA 2021 Celinda Ortega, 27, of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States will crown her successor at Hilton Parsippany Hotel in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey on April 3, 2022. It is the 71st edition of the state-level beauty pageant that selects New Jersey’s candidate for Miss USA, which selects the Miss Universe candidate of the U.S.

New Jersey currently has 19 Miss USA placements including the first runner-up finishes of Charlotte Ray in 1991 and Chhavi Verg in 2017. The most recent one was in 2020 when Gina Mellish finished in the Top 10.

Ortega was crowned Miss New Jersey USA 2021 at Hilton Parsippany Hotel on August 1, 2021. Alexandra Lakhman was first runner-up while Mayelin de la Cruz, Jessica Ervey and Kailyn McBride were the respective second, third and fourth runners-up.

There are 62 women competing for the Miss New Jersey USA 2022 crown. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Jenna Abdelqader
  2. Katherine Abreu
  3. Tiffany Acosta
  4. Sanjana Akula
  5. Dina Ayman
  6. A’neria Bailey
  7. Ashley Bailey
  8. Chloe Bavaro
  9. Catherine Bialkowski
  10. Danielle Bjorlo
  11. Mallory Bliss
  12. Kaitlyn Bocelle
  13. Qiarah Bella Booker
  14. Nathalie Borque
  15. Detrah Bowman
  16. Jess Breitfeller
  17. Ayesha Butt
  18. Sadelle Carey
  19. Daisy Castillo
  20. Naomie Charles
  21. Daniella Colon
  22. Christina Conti
  23. Zakeerah Cooper
  24. Alyssa Costner
  25. Camille Cueto
  26. Dulce Cueva
  27. Jean Cunningham
  28. Anna-Maria de Oliveira
  29. Victoria Den Bleyker
  30. Riddhi Dhanik
  31. Michela Digesu
  32. Dominique Diggs
  33. Jaimee Diogo
  34. Tessa Dolce
  35. Sonali Doshi
  36. Victoria Draper
  37. Ava Duhrkopp
  38. Lauren Ashley Dunham
  39. Guilia Dunn
  40. Tiajah Elliott
  41. Desiree Ellison
  42. Claudia Michelle Engelhardt
  43. Mirella Fefer
  44. Meg Foley
  45. Julia Friedhoff
  46. Katlyn Galkowski-Coira
  47. Corie Funk
  48. Megan Geller
  49. Bianca Genay
  50. Ashley Gerszewski
  51. Jade Glab
  52. Selene Guner
  53. Birdget Guziewicz
  54. Olivia Hajdu-Nemeth
  55. Ivy Harrington
  56. London Harris
  57. Julia Haubert
  58. Stephanie Hijar
  59. Shege Hoti
  60. Lindsay Hulle
  61. Kristen Hunt
  62. Christal Hussain

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