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Complete list of Miss Universe Canada 2022 candidates


Miss Universe Canada 2021 Tamara Jemuovic, 28, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada will crown her successor at the Meridian Arts Centre in Toronto on May 14, 2022. It will be the 20th edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Canada’s candidates for Miss Universe and Miss International.

Currently, Canada has two Miss Universe crowns, which were won by Karen Baldwin in 1982 and Natalie Glebova in 2005. The country has yet to have a Miss International crown.

As Miss Universe Canada 2020 first runner-up, Jemuovic was appointed as Miss Universe Canada 2021. She was unplaced at Miss Universe 2021 and is set to represent Canada at Miss International 2022.

There are 57 women competing for the Miss Universe Canada 2022 title. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Amelia Tu
  2. Angela Guta
  3. Anna Naumov
  4. Dominique Doucette
  5. Emmanuella Likibi
  6. Gloren Guelos
  7. Hanna Begovic
  8. Harnaaz Grewal
  9. Isis A. Croker
  10. Jacqueline Juntilla Marsh
  11. Jilldeen Ezeudu
  12. Jillian Lynch
  13. Kaila Enriquez
  14. Khushi Dave
  15. Korrena Thompson
  16. Kourtni Brown
  17. Lannie Houle
  18. Lia Loebenberg
  19. Linda Zhao
  20. Lydie Rivera
  21. Madison Kvaltin
  22. Maneet Khera
  23. Marguerite Dieunie Kilama
  24. Maria Becerra
  25. Mattea Henderson
  26. Maya Ramsahoye
  27. Maya Woods
  28. Michaela Varughese
  29. Milenis Masclarin Castellanos
  30. Nabille Lopez
  31. Nadine Smai
  32. Nayka Bonneau
  33. Neissah Desgrottes
  34. Niladri Kolotan
  35. Oceanne Gemme-Rose
  36. Pamela Abou Khalil
  37. Pavia Kaur Sidhu
  38. Quinn Teechma
  39. Rawan Slibi
  40. Rayelle Sowers
  41. Rosie Abigail Smith
  42. Shakira Ibrahim
  43. Shawnica Leacock
  44. Shirley Yu
  45. Shubdeep Randhawa
  46. Silina Salman
  47. Simran Sohal
  48. Solange Kathalay
  49. Sonja Olsson
  50. Sophie Church
  51. Talia Haleem
  52. Tanin Alemi
  53. Teagan MacDougall
  54. Tishina Thompson
  55. Tobi Kamoru
  56. Udichi Tomar
  57. Yuliya Shcherban

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