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France’s 2022 presidential election results: Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen


France’s 2022 presidential election was held from April 10-24, 2022. A runoff was held as no candidate won a majority in the first round.

The president of France is elected to a five-year term in a two-round election under Article 7 of the Constitution of France and is allowed to serve more than two consecutive terms. The first person to hold the position since the constitution was adopted on October 4, 1958 is Charles de Gaulle, who served from January 8, 1959 to April 28, 1969.

To win, a candidate should secure an absolute majority of votes in the first round. Otherwise, a second round is held two weeks later between the two candidates who received the most votes.

Emmanuel Macron, 44, assumed office as the 25th president of France on May 14, 2017. Here are the results of the 2022 French presidential election:

Emmanuel Macron
La République En Marche!
Marine Le Pen
Rassemblement National

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