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Complete list of Miss Exclusive 2022 candidates


Miss Exclusive 2021 Nisa Van Baelen, 22, of Tessenderlo, Limburg, Belgium will crown her successor at Sotto’s Zottegem in Zottegem, East Flanders, Belgium on May 7, 2022. It is the 21st edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Belgium’s Miss Earth candidate.

Belgium currently has one Miss Earth placement. Representing the European country, Selena Ali finished in the Top 20 in 2021.

Van Baelen was crowned Miss Exclusive 2021 at Sotto’s in Zottegem on June 26, 2021 while Ali was first runner-up. Due to contractual agreements with partners and work, Van Baelen was not able to represent Belgium at Miss Earth 2021 so she was replaced by Ali.

There are 23 women competing for the Miss Exclusive 2022 title. Here is the complete list of candidates:

  1. Alina Samandar
  2. Amber X
  3. Axelle Bellaert
  4. Axelle Jamar
  5. Camie Verheyen
  6. Danitsja Schoutteet
  7. Daphne Nivelles
  8. Dorien Galloy
  9. Emilie Jennen
  10. Febe Adamczyk
  11. Janelle Framery
  12. Kiara Nachtegael
  13. Lana Van Nauw
  14. Lisa Van Hooren
  15. Lore Van den Heuvel
  16. Pauline Noyen
  17. Sarah Rottiers
  18. Shana Coudyzer
  19. Shannon Maine Juwe
  20. Thanaree Scheerlinck
  21. Valentine Boudry
  22. Veronique Marcillo
  23. Yana Verelst

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