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Yuliya Shcherban biography: 13 things about Miss Universe Canada 2022 second runner-up


Yuliya Shcherban is a Ukrainian-Canadian model and beauty queen. Here are 13 more things about her:


  1. She speaks English and Ukrainian.
  2. She lives in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  3. Growing up in Canada, she devoted her time away from her studies to training as a competitive figure skater.
  4. In high school, she was rejected from a university course offered to final year high school students because she did not meet the minimum age requirement.
  5. She completed an exchange program in Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, one of the world’s leading universities for business and management.
  6. A certified Skate Canada coach, she works with children on and off the ice.
  7. In 2007, she moved from Ukraine to Canada.
  8. In 2017, she and four of her friends founded the Beba Project, a charitable initiative helping mothers with infants in need in her local community. 
  9. She is Miss Ukrainian Canada 2018.
  10. In 2018, she graced the cover of Ukrainian People, a magazine based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  11. She was published in the Winter 2022 edition of Chaarmz magazine.
  12. On May 14, 2022, she competed against 53 other candidates at Miss Universe Canada 2022 at the Meridian Arts Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was second runner-up to Amelia Tu.
  13. She was completing a Rotman Commerce program at the University of Toronto in Toronto when she competed at Miss Universe Canada 2022.

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