A guide to spicing up your love life


Is your relationship draining and unfulfilling? It’s a given fact: perfect relationships don’t exist. They require patience and effort from both partners. So how do couples turn into roommates?

Sometimes, everything feels stuck and life might get in the way of our relationships. Our partners are no longer our priorities and our relationships become a burdensome chore.

But how do you get back to having a happy and healthy relationship? Here are several ways you can spice your relationship:


  1. Bring back conversations.

Communication is a crucial part of any relationship and keeps you both connected. Conversations help you keep up with each other’s lives. It gives you a better understanding of your partner, their wants and needs. The point is not to agree but to understand each other.

You are both growing individually. Constant and healthy communication helps you to stay connected and retain your intimacy. You would be surprised at what communication would do for your sex life.

  1. Work on yourself.

Most people won’t admit it but they sometimes get too comfortable while in a relationship. We stop working out, dress too comfortably or pick up unhealthy habits.

You might not notice it instantly but these behavior patterns have a negative impact on your relationship. Letting yourself go might cause esteem issues, which you might start to project on your partner. To avoid dealing with such insecurities, try and revamp yourself.

The first step is reinventing your wardrobe, getting a gym subscription and getting your hair done. Remember, looking good makes you feel good. Next, start to work on negative behavior that your partner is always complaining about. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Such efforts prove you’ve not given up on your relationship so neither should your partner.


  1. Explore your sexual fantasies.

A relationship should not hinder you from having an active and fulfilling sex life. In fact, it should help you achieve sexual satisfaction and give you an opportunity to explore your fantasies.

Sexual compatibility is a crucial determinant of how your relationship. In a balanced relationship, no one should feel sexually drained or frustrated by the lack of it. Signing up on a polyamorous dating app gives you both an option to take this journey separately.

Sharing your sexual fantasies allow you to be vulnerable with each other, thus increasing intimacy. If you find this to be an intimidating task, try texting first.


  1. Be spontaneous.

Naturally, people fall back on things they find familiar and comforting even when such things are not good for personal growth. As we’ve already established, comfort is not always a good thing when it comes to a relationship. It symbolizes a slow relationship where partners are settling for beat-down versions of their partners. But how can you avoid this?

Add a little spontaneity to your love life. You can start by sending flirty texts during the day and maybe add a naughty photo of yourself. The thrill is a great way to jumpstart your sexual connection and increase sexual tension between partners.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you should consider scheduling your spontaneity. Slotting your time is a great way to show your partner how much you care about them.

In addition, sexual anticipation helps you recharge your sex drive and become more open to suggestions. Slot in quickies during both your days, so you’ll both have something to look forward to and, most importantly, on each other’s minds.



Love is a beautiful thing and it’s worth everything we put into it. Being in a relationship is a full-time job requiring equal effort and sacrifice from both of you. Just remember, the goal is not perfection but to love each other intentionally and wholeheartedly.

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