List of Dios album ‘CASTLE’ songs


CASTLE” is the debut album of Japanese Pop-R&B influenced band Dios. It was released on June 29, 2022 on all major digital streaming platforms.

Dios is made up of rapper, vocalist and lyricist Tanaka, guitarist Ichika Nito and beatmaker and gaming music composer Sasanomaly. Here is the list of the songs from their “CASTLE” album:

Ichika Nito, Tanaka, Sasanomaly
Ichika Nito, Tanaka, Sasanomaly

1. “ダークルーム(Dark Room)“: Two people who chose a world in which nothing unexpected happens by shutting themselves up in a blank room. This single was made the theme song for a Hulu Original “Future Century SHIBUYA”.


2. “Virtual Castle“: In this dark pop dance tune, a protagonist yearns for tranquility and happiness, building a
castle of illusion. The thought of formidable shadows lurking is curbed with these illusions.

3. “天国 (Heaven)“: Realizing that a world that has only a pair of lovers is really just an illusion. It feels as though
Heaven in this scenario is broken. To accept things and move forward is the positive message here or is that just an illusion as well?

4. “試作機 (Prototype)“: Piling up on only sad things, forming insecurities and pulling the protagonist deeper down the
dark hole.

5. “残像 (Afterimage)“: A slow reminiscent track that holds on to a memory of only the good things of a lover. Beyond
limitless time, only love remains.

6. “Bloom“: A picture of idealistic hope while inner demons are still lurking somewhere in the far corners. The existing scars, while unfortunately cannot be rid of, serve as a reminder of looking at things in a different shade of tinted glasses.


7. “断面 (Integral)“: This chapter touches on the layers of love and how humans perceive it. This single was used
as the theme song for “教祖のムスメ, Kyōso no musume”.


8. “鬼よ(My Inner Demon)“: Set in an obsessive world where the protagonist feels as though everyone is ridiculing him, it
is actually his own inner demon.


9. “Misery“: Tied up with an obsession that no one can reach, “Misery” is all about the struggle and questioning of whether to give up on the ideals or have the pendulum continue to swing.

10. “逃避行 (Runaway)“: As the debut single of DIOS, “Runaway” is about two destined lovers wanting to escape and
make their moment together forever, rather than facing what will happen tomorrow and being alone.


11. “紙飛行機 (Paper Plane)“: The feeling of foreboding resignation that haunts a protagonist as though everything can go
wrong and it feels like a game of zero-sum.


12. “劇場 (Theater)“: This Dios’s interpretation of a one-sided love with picturesque scenes that accompany the music and lyrics. ‘Theater’ was also appointed as the main theme song for the LINE NEWS VISION TV drama “Upper and Lower Relationships”.

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