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Alexis Glover biography: 10 things about Miss Colorado USA 2022


Alexis Glover is a real estate agent and a beauty queen from Colorado, United States. Here are 10 more things about her:


  1. She is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  2. When she attended Rampart High School in Colorado Springs, she was the captain of the varsity cheerleading team and she was in multiple advanced placement classes.
  3. She is 5’7″ tall.
  4. She is Miss Colorado High School America 2016.
  5. She is Miss Colorado Teen USA 2017. She was unplaced when she represented Colorado at Miss Teen USA 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on July 29, 2017.
  6. She is National American Miss Colorado Teen 2018.
  7. On August 15, 2021, she represented Peyton at Miss Colorado USA 2021 and competed against 59 other candidates at the Monfort Concert Hall in Greeley, Colorado. She was runner-up to Olivia  Lorenzo.
  8. On July 3, 2022, she represented Colorado Springs at Miss Colorado USA 2022 and competed against 49 other candidates at the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley. She won the title.
  9. She was 23 years old when she was crowned Miss Colorado USA 2022 on July 3, 2022.
  10. She will represent Colorado at Miss USA 2022.

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