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Get ready for your next vacation with these amazing packing tips and tricks


Traveling is a pleasant change that allows you to uncover new places, cultures, people and many other things. One of the least thrilling aspects of it is packing.

Due to all that excitement, most of us frequently forget particular items, whether it is something as small as a toothbrush, razor or even underwear. This may not occur to those who travel a lot but if you travel once or twice a year, you’ll most likely experience this issue. Here are practical tips and tricks to help you pack for your next trip:


Opt for a high-quality backpack. 

It is safe to say that backpacks are surely ideal for every type of traveler, mainly because they are very simple, lightweight, and perfect for everyday use. Of course, just like with any other item, it’s essential to pick a good brand so you can carry anything you want with ease. One of the biggest traits of backpacks is the fact that you can put practically any essential in them, starting from your laptop, clothing, books, camera equipment and many other things. 

If you’re still unsure about it, just bear in mind, that even the most seasoned travelers are the biggest fans of it and always recommend it because a solid backpack makes things so much easier.


You don’t need your entire wardrobe.

This is a common mistake people make, especially women, thinking they’ll be needing their entire wardrobe even when they’re traveling for three to four days. Yes, you may think that you are going to wear every single piece of clothing that you possess, but the truth is, you’ll most likely wear only your favorite ones.

The whole point is to pack only the things you truly adore and of course, do not forget essentials like socks and underwear. But even if you plan on having a two-week holiday, the reality is that you do not need 14 pairs of pants. 

Don’t worry. You will survive even if you wear something more than once. After all, it’s not like you wear different clothes every single day when you’re at home. So start by packing what you think you are going to need and then get rid of half of that.


Use plastic bags to store your liquids.

It’s always advisable to store any liquids that you’ll be taking with you, such as lotion, shampoo, makeup and conditioner in plastic bags. Why is this so important? Well, that’s because your suitcase will most likely roll around while on the airplane, so you do not want anything hazardous to happen to your bottles.

If you do not properly pack your liquids, they can easily leak or explode and instantly ruin everything that’s inside your suitcase. These plastic bags are not going to prevent bottles from bursting but they will certainly prevent them from leaking onto your stuff.


Put the first outfit you’re gonna wear on the top.

If you are planning on going to a restaurant or possibly a meeting as soon as they get off the plane, you should put the outfit you’ll be wearing into your suitcase last. This way, you won’t have to dig through everything that’s inside your suitcase so you can finally find that outfit. If it stays on top, you will most likely avoid any wrinkling. This will encourage you to think about what you are going to wear in advance and avoid making one of the most common mistakes, which is last-minute packing.


Rely on hotel amenities and equipment.

Practically every hotel room these days comes with things like iron, an ironing board, a small fridge, a microwave and other necessities. Even if you’re staying at a relatively cheap hotel, you will still stumble upon items such as iron, coffee pot and hairdryer.

That’s why you shouldn’t pack these things and instead, save room for items that you won’t be having in a hotel. Even if some of these appliances do not work, you can always call the front desk to fix them.

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