Online gaming in Canada: What to expect in 2022

Online gaming is part of people’s pastime in almost every country nowadays. In Canada, the online market has seen an impressive uptick in its activities in recent years.

With more and more services becoming available, it is easier for Canadians to get involved in online lotteries within their respective provinces using apps and websites. Recently, Ontario launched its online gaming market, which is expected to generate almost 1 billion Canadian dollars in 2022.

casino (©Longxiang Qian)
casino (©Longxiang Qian)

Statistics show that Canada has about 20 million active online gamers that place collective bets of 16 billion dollars in a year. Canadian provinces are beginning to develop an interest in this sector of the economy and the proliferation of Canadian online casinos is starting to become pretty routine.

The last few years created an urgency in humans to live their lives to the fullest and take risks in hopes of a better future. This might be a significant reason for the uptick of online gaming in Canada and worldwide.

Most casinos are beginning to shut down physical establishments and are moving to the online space because the internet is faster and less noisy. Gamers do not even have to travel distances to enjoy a game.


On top of that, Canadians are not even required to deposit funds to start playing. Despite this, you should look thoroughly to find the top online real money casino because not all Canadian casino sites are worth your time and money.

Contrary to people’s assumptions about online gaming, women in Canada play almost as much as men do. The market accounts for almost half of the country’s gaming revenue in total and it is going to keep getting bigger.

With laws like C-218 coming into place, online gaming will become more accessible and popular. The Canadian government has declared its interest in making online gaming in provinces easier and relatively safer with stricter age limits. 

Varieties are being introduced by the different gaming services, which attract other age groups that feel left out, and it is important for gamers to look for new stipulations regarding online gaming to avoid breaking any laws. Younger people have games that are well suited to their interests and manner of thinking while older generations are pretty pleased with games like Bingo. 


Gaming is associated mainly with preference, which is influenced by what is perceived as more profitable with fewer risks. The majority of the populace in Canada, like in many other countries, bet on sports and other real-life games but when it comes to casino games, slots, Baccarat and Poker are some of the most popular games. 

The Canadian online gaming market could be one of the fastest growing business sectors by the end of 2022. It would undoubtedly deliver a massive boost to the country’s economy, create numerous jobs and more importantly change the lives of bettors.

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