How to stay effortlessly stylish this fall without exceeding your budget

Wherever you are in the world, it’s a fair bet that financially speaking, things are something of a challenge. For those of us who like to stay on trend and ahead of the fashion curve, there is the continuous desire to try new looks and purchase new outfits, but that can prove disastrous for your bank balance.

With every season comes a new series of opportunities. The fall is a great time of year for trying out new ensembles as the temperatures come down a few degrees and we start to layer up to stay comfortable.


The cost of clothing is, on the whole, coming down but that isn’t necessarily a great thing because we have, as a society, become too reliant on fast fashion. The concept of fast fashion may appear sound. After all, who doesn’t want affordable clothing and accessories? But the truth is that it’s very problematic on a number of levels.

Fast fashion is not environmentally friendly mainly because it’s mass-produced and usually in third-world countries where workers are poorly treated and badly paid. The garments and products sold in this manner aren’t of the highest quality and don’t last long. It has led us to buy items for the sake of it and not because we need or want them. 

For that reason, you won’t find any reliance on fast fashion among our ways to keep your fashion budget within your means. Here are some tips that we feel could prove helpful this fall:


When shopping online, choose quality over quantity.

Clearly, we all do much of our shopping online. This is likely to be a sea change that won’t ever reverse so, by all means, continue to shop online but why not manage the process more responsibly?

One way to do this is to take your time. Why not visit the online stores you like to peruse and rack up a list of ideas and items that really catch your eye? By all means, put any items in your basket that appear to be perfect for your taste and budget.

Then, leave it. Don’t complete the sale. Make sure you are signed in and close the tab. In a day or two, revisit the list, or perhaps on a day that fits your overall spending and payment schedule, and have a re-think about each item. 

You’ll be shocked at the result. When you take time away from the process and then evaluate the items, you are very likely to greatly reduce your list, and you’ll be left with what you truly desire and not just buy things for ease. 


Wait for the sales.

When shopping online, wait for big sales days, keep items in your relevant baskets and wait for prices to drop. Learn to keep an eye on competitors and you can then look for bargains.

Online shopping is sometimes so easy that we buy things we never would necessarily buy when in a physical store so the name of the game is caution. You can still enjoy the fun of looking around but it’s time to consider online shopping as similar to window shopping. 


Make accessories the focus of your fashion purchases.

Another excellent way to keep the overall cost of your fashion shopping expeditions down is to change your entire focus. Buy a handful of quality accessories, which can either be used to make more of your existing wardrobe or be used as the basis of any new look you might feel like putting together. 

Think, for instance, about the versatility you can get from stylish custom necklaces, which are not only fashionable but have a statement value, and these can then be paired with great items in your closet. Therefore, you not only get the benefit of the new accessory you also get the residual benefits of the new life it brings to your old clothes. 

You’d be amazed at how the purchase of one exquisite shoulder bag can suddenly make you feel differently about an item of clothing you already have but aren’t feeling it anymore. 


Visit second hand and thrift stores.

If you do shop on the high street, then we strongly suggest hitting the second-hand and thrift stores and there are many reasons why. First, the experience of shopping, which we all love, is miles better in these locations and offers you the possibility of finding a real treasure trove far more so than going to a lifeless mall. Make a day of it, go with your girlfriends and try things on.

Another very real benefit of visiting these vintage stores is that the items they sell have real longevity, and this is primarily because they were made in an age when things were built to last. You may well find that an item in a second-hand store is actually right on trend. After all, fashion is cyclical and that means that you know you could well find something truly special.


Choose need over want.

If you are trying to shop for fashion items on a budget, you should start to ask yourself whether the particular piece that interests you is something you want or something you need. While this can take some of the fun out of shopping, it’s a sure-fire way to stay within your means.

One way to walk this particular path is to approach shopping for clothes and accessories much as you would do the shopping for food in a supermarket. You know what that means? Yes, that’s right. A list.

List what you are actually looking to buy from your shopping trip and stick to it. That means ignoring that delightful cocktail dress you saw that you think would be perfect for the work Christmas party no matter how loudly it’s calling to you. 

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