election results

2022 Louisiana senate election results: John Kennedy, Gary Chambers, Luke Mixon

  • election date: November 8, 2022
  • country: United States
  • state: Louisiana
  • position: member of the U.S. Senate
  • incumbent senator (party): John Kennedy (Republican)
  • term: January 3, 2023 – January 3, 2029

ELECTION RESULTS (Louisiana senator)

RepublicanJohn Kennedy850,932
Democratic Gary Chambers246,633
Democratic Luke Mixon182,535
Democratic Syrita Steib031,498
RepublicanDevin Lance Graham025,262
DemocraticVinny Mendoza011,875
Independent Beryl Billiot 009,368
Democratic Salvador P. Rodriguez007,743
Independent Bradley McMorris 005,381
Libertarian Aaron C. Sigler004,861
Independent Alexander “Xan” John 002,751
Independent W. Thomas La Fontaine Olson 001,672
Independent Thomas Wenn 001,320

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