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8 tools that optimize business processes

Whether you’ve been operating a small company storefront for years or you’re just starting a business and lack an online presence, there are various methods to make yourself familiar with how the contemporary internet world functions. There are companies, software tools and platforms that can help you upgrade your company without breaking the bank.

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has only accelerated the need for software to optimize the way modern businesses work. To make optimization work for your business, you need to figure out what processes are essential for achieving your goals and what processes are not so important.


You don’t have sacrifice a lot of components of your business to upgrade it. This is all about the need for attention and control over the processes.

Without compromising the final outcomes, the manual work can be substituted with a business process tool. Here are eight of the best business process management (BPM) tools that are available in the market:


1. Scanner app

If you deal with lots of paperwork on a regular basis, you can optimize this process using an app scanner. If you have a special app on your mobile phone, you don’t need to spend money on any special equipment like scanner tool and, more importantly, time on processing different documents.

Using a PDF scanner app, you get everything done quickly in any place and within your mobile device only. An appscan tool is a great solution for time-consuming processes such as canning or converting PDF to docs. Such an app can deal with different tasks, from scanning ID doc to several pages. 


2. Kissflow

By streamlining and reducing the complexity of businesses’ processes and workflows, Kissflow’s cloud-based tool platform aids in the improvement and redesign of operations. The no-code platform offers model dashboard examples as well as other design tools to let users construct their own templates and forms.

The new workflows in the revamped business processes are generated together with these templates and forms, which are utilized to redesign the business operation and applications that support it. The approach is less adaptable than low-code solutions that are typically able to handle more complex circumstances even while it allows citizen developers to construct new apps.


3. Asana

One of the major obstacles to effective collaboration is the overall work organization. It isn’t always obvious who should be doing what, at what time and why. The process becomes more difficult the more cogs there are in the machine. You can efficiently organize your collaboration with Asana.

Your teams can keep current on all tasks and see the priority and deadline for every project thanks to Asana’s customized lists. When everyone on the team is informed and doesn’t need to be updated separately, task management is streamlined.



Employees can work together in real-time on a document using Bit’s standard workspace. This doc collaboration and content creation solution helps optimize your workflow.

In order to make your workflow as seamless as possible, Bit offers a library of content where you can save all the files. It’s a great method to oversee projects, generate ideas, delegate work, monitor advancement and, most importantly, share information.


5. BPanda

When it is time to plan and visualize BPM processes, Bpanda is your partner. You can identify and strengthen weak points thanks to its user-friendly interface, which provides an overview of the complete process landscape.

Bpanda can work for you even if you’ve never utilized BPM software before. It allows you to design simple flowcharts to effectively communicate your vision to teams and businesses.


6. Jira

Agile, an iterative approach to project management and software development, can help your teams deliver value to your customers faster. Software development teams using Agile methodologies can use Jira.

Extremely large target groups can be reached by Jira systems, which also offer workflow discovery, analysis and managing the operating phase. No-code applications are created and built with the least amount of human intervention. 


7. Bitrix24

To optimize your business, Bitrix24 provides project tracking, process management and collaboration. It allows you to divide your team into various projects and workgroups, especially those who work in the sales or in the HR department, coordinate work and provide customer care.

Both on-premises solutions for businesses and cloud-based managed services for small teams are provided by Bitrix24. A comprehensive range of communication, project execution, CRM and website-related functions are included in the program.


8. Monday

Monday provides specialized BPM technologies that offer tailored solutions for a variety of businesses. This tool can simplify business process and the way you track projects, communicate with members of your team, manage your workload and move work forward.

Among the tasks in the business that require organization are project and marketing resource management, sales, CRM, remote work, software engineering, creative jobs, building, IT and HR. These are all areas for which Monday is specifically made.


Enabling technologies are often used with BPM. By utilizing BPM tools, you can maximize the potential of your team.

Choose the best BPM tool that fits your needs from this list. Try different software and see if they match your expectations. 

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