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Julian Sands biography: 13 things about actor born in Otley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

Julian Richard Morley Sands is an English actor born in Otley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. His parents divorced when he was young.

After the divorce, Sands’ mother singlehandedly raised him, his two older brothers and two younger brothers. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. In 1982, he played a sailor in “Privates on Parade“. In 1983, he played Guy Lough in “A Married Man“.
  2. From 1984 to 1987, he was married to Sarah Harvey. They have one son together.
  3. In 1985, he played the lead character in “A Room with a View“. In 1986, he played Percy Bysshe Shelley in “Gothic” and Charles Forest in “Harem“.
  4. In 1989, he played the title role in “Warlock“. He reprised the role in its sequel “Warlock: The Armageddon” in 1993.
  5. In 1990, he and Evgenia Citkowitz got married. They have two daughters together.
  6. In 1998, he played the title character in “The Phantom of the Opera“.
  7. From 2000 to 2002, he voiced Mayor Valmont in “Jackie Chan Adventures“. In 2002, he played Klemens von Mettemich in “Napoleon” and Nick Hardaway in “Rose Red“.
  8. In 2005, he played Vladimir Bierko in “24“.
  9. In 2009 and in 2010, he played Jor-El in “Smallville“. He played Franklin McVeigh in “Blood and Bone” and Peter McNaughton in “Golf in the Kingdom“. In 2011, he played the younger version of Henrik Vanger, played by Christopher Plummer, in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“.
  10. In 2014, he played a priest in “Banshee” and William Jagger in “Crossbones“.
  11. In 2019, he played the older version of Frederik Gemmell, played by David Oakes, in “The Garden of Evening Mists“. 
  12. In 2020, he starred in “Yeh Ballet” and “Death Rider in the House of Vampires“. In 2021, he starred in “Benediction“, “The Survivalist“, “The Ghosts of Borley Rectory” and “The Ghosts of Monday“.
  13. He was 65 years old when he disappeared on January 13, 2023 from Mount Baldy, California, United States. On January 18, 2023, his car was located. On January 19, 2023, his three children joined the ground search for him.

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