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Demetrius Haley biography: 13 things about former Memphis, Tennessee cop

Demetrius Jermaine Haley is a black man from Cordova, Tennessee, United States. He is 6’1” tall.

Haley’s registered weight is 260 pounds. Here are 13 more things about him:

Demetrius Jermaine Haley (©Memphis Police Department)
Demetrius Jermaine Haley (©Memphis Police Department)
  1. Aside from Cordova, he has lived in other parts of Tennessee including Memphis.
  2. He is a former employee of the Shelby County Division of Corrections and the Memphis Police Department, which are both in Memphis.
  3. On May 16, 2015, he and his fellow Shelby County Division of Corrections officer David Dyson allegedly strip-searched and beat inmate Cordarlrius Sledge at the penal farm under the supervision of Danny McClain until Sledge blacked out.
  4. On April 19, 2016, Sledge filed a federal civil rights complaint against him, Dyson and McClain.
  5. On March 2, 2018, Judge Thomas Anderson dismissed the lawsuit Sledge filed against him, Dyson and McClain.
  6. In August 2020, the Memphis Police Department hired him. According to a report in August 2021, his annual salary as a probationary police officer was $45,623.50.
  7. On January 7, 2023, he and his fellow Memphis Police Department officers Tadarrius Bean, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith allegedly caused the injuries of Memphis man Tyre Nichols, who was pronounced dead on January 10, 2023.
  8. On January 20, 2023, the Memphis Police Department fired him, Smith, Bean, Martin and Mills.
  9. On January 25, 2023, Memphis Police Department chief CJ Davis said he, Smith, Bean, Martin and Mills were found to be directly responsible for the physical abuse of Nichols.
  10. On the morning of January 26, 2023, he was arrested and booked into the Shelby County Jail in Memphis. In the afternoon, he posted $350,000 bond and was released.
  11. On January 27, 2023, video of the confrontation between Nichols, Bean, Smith, Martin, Mills and him was released. The five former Memphis Police Department officers are scheduled for arraignment on February 17, 2023.
  12. He was 29 years old when he pleaded not guilty on February 17, 2023 to second-degree murder, official oppression, aggravated kidnapping while possessing a weapon, aggravated assault – acting in concert, official misconduct thru unauthorized exercising of official power, two counts of aggravated kidnapping causing bodily injury and two counts of official misconduct through failure to perform a duty imposed by law.
  13. He is due back in court on May 1, 2023. 

(This is a developing story. More details will be added.)


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  1. Please!! Don’t burn down YOUR city! You will need somewhere to live when this is over. Please show love and support to Tyre’s mother and family!! Be responsible enough has been done!!! This violence has to STOP!!!!!


  2. Yet another judge that let this officers actions slide…allowing him to continue doing this. That judge needs to be held accountable as well. Do your job or don’t be a judge!


    • Yes cause I know what Tyre mother is talking about Memphis police is fucked up my son went to Memphis and had a appointment with a realtor and the realtor called him and said he was going to be late so him and his friend went and looked at the house and went to get something to eat and came back to house and when they came back police was everywhere and so my son and friend kept going and police stop them and charged them for burglary and thief and the car they was driving was mine they took them down town and they stayed in jail til next morning took my car I had to pay all that money for lawer and my car and I had prove and call me telling me he broke in house and sole car I was like u got the right person.fuck Memphis me and my son don’t fuck with Memphis


  3. Stop hurting people. They aren’t in control of their actions. People can’t seem to understand that their community and country helped this cop beat that man. They held Tyre Nichols down and beat him. This man was just the vessel.


  4. There must be 6 SIX officers in this line up!! They forgot the socalled white one that was TAZERING Tyre while the other bullies stomped him out!!


  5. Police are suppose to protect and serve civilians, however these guys showed no regard for human life at all. Prayers for the mother and family of the victim 💔


  6. I seen a video on Utube that Tyre was involved with one of the cops’ wives. This would explain why he was pulled over in the first place. Also why he told the cops that they were taking this too far. If this is true, then that cop should be charged with first degree premediated murder. RIP Tyre.


  7. This is why cops get a bad reputation. This act of brutality over a woman isn’t the first time men get into fights. This has been happening since time began. The problem is cops using that badge and gun to take out their vengeance on another man. If they take steriods it makes them mean and full of rage. All cops should have medical and psychiatric evaluations yearly!


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