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Liv Walbeck biography: 13 things about Miss Oklahoma USA 2023

Liv Walbeck is a beauty queen from Oklahoma, United States. Here are `13 more things about her:

  1. She is originally from Sacramento, California, USA but later moved to Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma.
  2. On November 26, 2015, she took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with her younger sister, their brother Luke Walbeck and their parents.
  3. In February 2018, she was crowned Miss Teen Roseville 2018 in Roseville, Placer County, California, USA.
  4. From May 2018 to August 2022, she was an Associated Students dock master in Fair Oaks, California.
  5. In June 2018, she was crowned Miss Teen Placer County California 2018.
  6. On June 5, 2020, she graduated from Saint Francis Catholic High School in Sacramento, California.
  7. In August 2020, she entered The University of Oklahoma in Norman to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism.
  8. From May 2021 to August 2021, she was an Associated Students content creator in Fair Oaks.
  9. In October 2021, she worked for ESPN in Norman as a parabolic microphone operator.
  10. From May 2022 to August 2022, she was an Associated Students youth instructor in Fair Oaks.
  11. From August 2022 to December 2022, she was a newsroom intern at News 9 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  12. On March 26, 2023, she represented Norman at Miss Oklahoma USA 2023 and competed against 19 other candidates at the Visual and Performing Arts Center Theater of Oklahoma City Community College in Oklahoma City. She won the title.
  13. In October 2023, she will represent Oklahoma at Miss USA 2023 in Reno, Nevada, USA.

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