Pennsylvania’s Brandon John, Cameron Graf, Nabil Jameel, Michael Rosta attacked Lehigh University student?

Cameron Graf, 22, Nabil Jameel, 22, and Michael Rosta, 21, are all residents of Hatfield, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States. Brandon John, 22, is from East Norriton Township, Montgomery County.

At around 2:00 a.m. on April 15, 2023, John, Graf, Jameel and Rosta were passing by in their car when they directed racist comments at a black man who was walking with his two friends in the area of Packer Avenue and Webster Street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States. The black man is a student at Lehigh University in Bethlehem.


It was John who was driving the car. He, Graf, Jameel and Rosta are not Lehigh University students and they are neither former students of the university nor affiliated with the university.

The black student ran after the car, banged on the trunk of the car, reached into one of the car windows, briefly touched one of the occupants, backed away from the car and walked home. John, Graf, Jameel and Rosta got out of the car and chased the black student and his two friends.

One of the four men from the car struck the black student, who got away and ran back to his residence hall on Lehigh University’s Asa Packer Campus. John, Graf, Jameel and Rosta were let into the dorm where they attacked the black student.


John, Graf, Jameel and Rosta have been arrested. They all admitted they were involved in the incident.

The four suspects were each charged with simple assault. In addition, John and Graf were each charged with harassment and Rosta was charged with burglary.

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