Lori Daybell biography: 13 things about San Bernardino, California native


Lori Vallow Daybell and her fifth husband Chad Daybell share doomsday beliefs. She was born Lori Norene Cox in San Bernardino, California, United States to Barry Lynn Cox and Janice Lee Cox Cox.

Between 1992 and 2019, Lori got married five times. In 1992, she married her high school sweetheart Nelson Yanes but they divorced shortly after.

On October 22, 1995, Lori married William Lagioia in Travis County, Texas, USA and in 1996, she gave birth to their son Colby Lagioia. On February 25, 1998, she and William divorced.

Lori Daybell (©Madison County Sheriff's Office)
Lori Daybell (©Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

In 2001, Lori married Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr., who legally adopted Colby, changing the child’s name to Colby Ryan and on September 24, 2002, she gave birth to their daughter Tylee Ryan. On August 13, 2004, Joseph filed for divorce, which was finalized on May 18, 2005.

Lori has two older brothers namely Alexander Lamar “Alex” Cox and Adam L. Cox, an older sister named Stacey Cox and a younger sister named Summer Novelle Cox Shiflet. On August 5, 2007, Alex attacked Joseph in Travis County with a taser and threatened to murder him.

Alex pleaded guilty and served a 90-day sentence in jail in Austin, Texas. He married Zulema Pastenes on November 29, 2019 and legally changed his named to Alex Pastenes on November 30, 2019.

On February 24, 2006, Lori married Leland Anthony “Charles” Vallow, who is Todd Trahan‘s uncle. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. In July 2014, she and Vallow legally adopted Canaan Todd Trahan and changed the child’s name to Joshua Jaxon “J.J.” Vallow. J.J. is the biological son of Todd and Todd’s girlfriend Mandy Leger.
  2. In December 2014, she moved to Kauai, Hawaii, USA with Charles, Tylee and J.J.
  3. In 2015, she obsessively read Chad’s book “The Celestial City (Standing in Holy Places),” which was published on June 30, 2008.
  4. In 2017, she moved to Arizona, USA with Charles, Tylee and J.J.
  5. On April 3, 2018, Joseph died from a myocardial infraction. On December 5, 2018, she joined Chad in an episode of “Preparing a People” podcast titled “Time to Warrior Up.” 
  6. On January 28, 2019, she transferred $10,000 out of Charles’ business account into an unknown account and 2,000 Enterprise points to her personal account while he was on a business trip. She transferred an additional $25,000 out of his business account to an unknown account on January 29, 2019. She vanished from February 10, 2019 to April 9, 2019 after telling Charles that she no longer cared about him and J.J. and that she was the reincarnated wife of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement founder Joseph Smith.
  7. Charles filed for divorce on February 8, 2019 but withdrew it on March 6, 2019. On July 11, 2019, Charles was fatally shot in her house in Chandler, Arizona by her brother Alex, who died of blood clots and high blood pressure at his home in Gilbert, Arizona on December 12, 2019.
  8. On October 2, 2019, she bought a wedding ring for $35.99 on Amazon from Charles’s account. On the same day, her nephew-in-law Brandon Boudreaux was the target of a failed drive-by shooting in Gilbert by someone driving a green Jeep Cherokee still registered to Charles. On November 5, 2019, she and Chad got married in Hawaii. On November 26, 2019, the Rexburg Police Department learned that Tylee and J.J. were missing and on November 27, 2019, she and Chad vanished. On December 20, 2019, the department officially announced an investigation into the disappearances of the two children.
  9. On January 25, 2020, she and Chad were found in Kauai where authorities served her with court order requiring her to produce Tylee and J.J. within five days. She missed the deadline on January 30, 2020. On February 20, 2020, the Kauai Police Department arrested her in Princeville, Hawaii and prosecutors in Madison County, Idaho charged her with two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children as well as three misdemeanors namely resisting or obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime and contempt of court. She agreed to be extradited back to Idaho to fight the charges. On March 6, 2020, she arrived in Rexburg and was taken to Madison County Jail. 
  10. She spoke to Chad via telephone on June 9, 2020, the same day Tylee and J.J.’s were found on his property in Salem. A jailhouse recording of the conversation was played during a court proceeding on August 4, 2020 to determine whether or not he would stand trial on charges related to the hiding of the two children’s remains.
  11. On July 2, 2020, the prosecutors dropped the two felony counts and charged her instead with obstruction or concealment of evidence.
  12. On April 19, 2022, she and Chad appeared in court in Idaho. She pleaded not guilty to murder and conspiracy, among other charges. She was initially held on $5 million bail, which was later lowered to $1 million. On July 17, 2020, Magistrate Judge Michelle Mallard in Madison County decreased it to $150,000 but noted she would still need to post $1 million in Fremont County, Idaho to get out of jail.
  13. She was 49 years old when she was found guilty on May 12, 2023 in Boise, Idaho of murdering her two children and conspiring to kill her husband’s former wife. She will be extradited to Arizona after sentencing to face charges of murdering her fourth husband.

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