Bailiwick of Jersey

1900 US Open results: Bailiwick of Jersey’s Harry Vardon wins in Wheaton, Illinois

Harry Vardon
Harry Vardon
  • sport: golf
  • event: U.S. Open
  • edition: 6th
  • dates: October 4-5, 1900
  • venue: Chicago Golf Club, Wheaton, Illinois, United States



1Harry Vardon, 30, Jersey79-78-76-80=313
2J.H. Taylor, 29, England76-82-79-78=315
3David Bell, 20, Scotland78-83-83-78=322
4Laurie Auchterlonie, 32, Scotland 84-82-80-81=327
4Willie Smith, 23, Scotland 82-83-79-83=327
6George Low, 25, Scotland84-80-85-82=331
7Tom Hutchison, 22, Scotland81-87-81-84=333
8Harry Turpie, 25, Scotland84-87-79-84=334
9Stewart Gardner, 21, Scotland85-78-84-89=336
10Val Fitzjohn, 22, Scotland84-83-89-82=338

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