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Edmund Orgill Sr. biography: 10 things about Staffordshire, England native

Edmund Orgill Sr. was born in Hamstall Ridware, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom. He has two older brothers namely Joseph Orgill and William Orgill.

From Staffordshire, Joseph and William went to New York City, New York, United States as importers representing British manufacturers and were associated with Wiebursch & Hilger, a company based in New York. In 1847, William bought a hardware business in Petersburg, Virginia, USA and moved it to Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA where he joined in partnership with R.T. Lamb‘s firm.

After Lamb’s death in 1849, Henry Lownes bought Lamb’s share and the hardware firm was renamed Lownes, Orgill and Company. In 1851, Thomas Holyoake joined the firm and it was renamed Holyoake, Lownes & Company.

From Stafford, Edmund followed Joseph and William to New York City. Here are 10 more things about Edmund:

  1. He was 4 years older than his wife Lucy Willins Orgill. They have four sons and one daughter.
  2. In 1850, he moved to Memphis and became a partner in Holyoake, Lownes & Company. He acquired a controlling interest in the firm, which he held until his death. In 1865, the firm was renamed Orgill Brothers & Co.
  3. In 1855, Lucy gave birth to their son Edmund Orgill Jr. in Staffordshire.
  4. In 1859, Lucy gave birth to their son Frederick Orgill in Memphis.
  5. In 1862, Lucy gave birth to their son also named William Orgill in Stafford.
  6. In 1864, Lucy gave birth to their daughter Florence Orgill in Brooklyn, New York City.
  7. In 1866, Lucy gave birth to their son Joseph Orgill in Stafford.
  8. On December 27, 1885, his son Edmund Jr. died in their family residence in Bond, Hickman County, Tennessee.
  9. On June 22, 1898, Orgill Brothers & Co. was incorporated with him as president, his son Frederick as vice president, his brother Joseph as treasurer and his brother William as secretary. In the same year, his daughter Florence married Stonewall Robert Montgomery.
  10. In 1905, he died in England at the age of 80. After his death, his son Frederick became the new Orgill Brothers & Co. president.
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