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Thomas G. Daniel biography: 13 things about Attica State Prison inmate, Jacqueline Smith’s boyfriend

Thomas G. Daniel is a prisoner in New York, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He lived in an apartment in Kips Bay, Manhattan, New York City, New York.
  2. He was 4 years older than his girlfriend Jacqueline Smith, a native of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA.
  3. In June 1955, he started to date Jacqueline. She was working as a fabric designer in Manhattan while he was working as a stock clerk in an equestrian equipment shop in New York City.
  4. In November 1955, Smith told him that she was about 6 weeks pregnant. He told her he did not want to marry her and convinced her to take abortifacient pills but they did not work.
  5. On December 24, 1955, he paid hospital attendant Leobaldo Piquan, then 46, $100 to perform an illegal abortion on Smith. She died of a sodium pentathol overdose while Piquan was performing the surgery in his apartment in Kips Bay. Piquan called Dr. Ramiro Mireles, who declared her dead and advised him to call the police just before midnight. Neither he nor Piquan called the police.
  6. On December 25, 1955, he and Piquan hacked Smith’s body to pieces in his apartment in Kips Bay, placed the body parts in 50 plastic bags, bundled the bags with Christmas paper and tinsel cords and drove them to Piquan’s apartment. Piquan later disposed of her remains in garbage cans across the Upper West Side in New York City.
  7. At around midnight on January 10, 1956, New York City Police Department officers arrested him at his apartment in Kips Bay and interrogated him at the police station for around 5 hours.
  8. At 6:00 a.m. on January 10, 1956, he told NYPD officers that Smith had committed suicide in his apartment and he had thrown her body into the Hudson River at 96th Street and Riverside Drive in Manhattan. Between 8:00 a.m. and 11:59 a.m., he progressively admitted to the officers how Smith actually died and how he and Piquan disposed of her remains. His formal statement was recorded between 11:00 p. m. on January 11, 1956 and 1:00 a.m. on January 12, 1956.
  9. On May 29, 1956, a jury of 10 men and two women convicted him of first-degree manslaughter. At the trial, he repeatedly berated the judge, the jury and the prosecutors.
  10. He was 25 years old when he was convicted of first-degree manslaughter on May 29, 1956. He was sentenced to 8 to 20 years in Attica State Prison in Attica, New York.
  11. The District Court for the Western District of New York denied his original application for habeas corpus by order dated January 22, 1960.
  12. On June 10, 1960, the District Court for the Western District of New York remanded his case with a direction that the court hold a hearing and examine the state court record to determine the federal question presented. The court later found that ample other evidence existed to support his conviction as a valid judgment and ordered the writ dismissed.
  13. On October 18, 1960, the District Court for the Western District of New York denied his application for a writ of habeas corpus. He appealed the judgment, which was argued on May 1, 1961 and decided on July 3, 1961. It was concluded that his successive admissions were voluntarily given and the judgment was affirmed. He is still in Attica State Prison.

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