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Andy Kinyon biography: 10 things about Stevens Point, Wisconsin native


Andrew Foster Kinyon was a resident of California, United States. His nickname was Andy and he also went by Kenneth Young.

Kinyon was a father of two. Here are 10 more things about him:

  1. He was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA to Chapin Foster Kinyon and Elizabeth Meredith Greaves Kinyon. Both Chapin and Elizabeth were born in Minnesota, USA.
  2. He was raised in Palo Alto, California.
  3. In 1961, he graduated from Ellwood P. Cubberley High School in Palo Alto and got married to Geraldine Kidder. They were high school sweethearts.
  4. In 1962, Kidder gave birth to their son Jon Kinyon.
  5. In 1964, he was the West Coast regional sales manager for Look magazine publisher Cowles Media.
  6. In 1965, Kidder gave birth to Lori Kinyon. In the same year, he and Kidder separated. He moved to San Francisco, California and worked for music promoter Bill Graham doing light shows at rock concerts.
  7. In 1967, he was arrested at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for giving beer to his underaged girlfriend. In jail, he met Eugene Richard Imbrogno, Jr., a burglar who went by Eugene Santore. After their release from prison, he gave Imbrogno a place to stay until Imbrogno stole music equipment from his apartment in San Francisco. He was 8 years younger than Imbrogno, who is of Italian descent.
  8. In December 1971, he told his girlfriend Margaret King he had been threatened by Imbrogno and another Italian man.
  9. On the evening of January 22, 1972, he and King went bar hopping in San Francisco. On the early morning of January 23, 1972, he was fatally stabbed in San Francisco allegedly by Imbrogno.
  10. He died at age of 29.
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