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Eugene Imbrogno Jr. biography: 13 things about New York native


Eugene Richard Guglielmo Imbrogno Jr. was an Italian-American man who lived in different parts of the United States including California, Nevada and New York. Here are 13 more things about him:

Eugene Guglielmo Imbrogno Jr. (©San Francisco Police Department)
Eugene Guglielmo Imbrogno Jr. (©San Francisco Police Department)
  1. He was born in New York to Eugene Imbrogno Sr. and Angela Guglielmo.
  2. He used three different Social Security numbers and several aliases including Eugene Santore, Eugene Santori, Eugene Giglio, Robert Giglio and Robert Chiudina.
  3. He was raised in Mount Vernon, New York.
  4. He had a lengthy rap sheet dating back to the 1950s. In 1953, he was arrested for multiple burglaries and thefts in Mount Vernon.
  5. In 1959, he was found guilty of assaulting his estranged wife and was sentenced to six months in Westchester Penitentiary in Valhalla, New York. Two weeks later, he escaped from prison. Four days later, he was recaptured at the home of an aunt in Newark, New Jersey, USA.
  6. In the 1960s, he frequently moved back and forth between New York and San Francisco, California. In October 1964, he was fined $50 for speeding. In March 1966, he was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada for disorderly conduct at a gambling casino but extradited to New York on an outstanding warrant for stealing a mink stole and a television. He and Arthur S. Reuff allegedly burglarized the home of William Ventricelli in New Rochelle, New York. On March 10, 1966, he was sentenced to a year in Westchester Penitentiary.
  7. He was 8 years older than Andrew “Andy” Foster Kinyon. They met in prison in 1967. After their release, Kinyon gave him a place to stay until he stole music equipment from Kinyon’s apartment in San Francisco. 
  8. In August 1969, he was arrested for felonious possession of a weapon while harassing a woman with a switchblade in White Plains, New York.
  9. In 1970, he was arrested in San Francisco for threatening a female clothing store employee and her sister with a linoleum knife. He told police that he arrived in San Francisco to find employment as a carpenter or roofer.
  10. In 1971, he allegedly started threatening Kinyon and demanding money from Kinyon.
  11. On January 23, 1972, he allegedly fatally stabbed Kinyon in San Francisco. He was taken into custody for Kinyon’s murder, interrogated prior to booking and released.
  12. In June 1977, his father died.
  13. On March 26, 1984, he died in Fairfax, California. He was 48.

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