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Joseph Orgill Jr. biography: 13 things about Memphis, Tennessee man

Joseph Orgill Jr. was a resident of Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He was the only son of Joseph Orgill Sr. and Adele Kendrick Orgill.
  2. He was 5 years younger than his sister also named Adele Kendrick Orgill.
  3. He was 3 years younger than her sister Florence Orgill.
  4. He was 4 years older than his wife Kate Bond Smith Orgill.
  5. In June 1929, he and Kate got married in Hardeman County, Tennessee.
  6. On December 12, 1929, his father died in Memphis at the age of 63.
  7. In 1932, Kate gave birth to their daughter, who died as an infant.
  8. In 1938, Kate birth to their son Joseph Orgill III in Memphis. Joseph III and Irene Leatherman Orgill have four daughters namely Adele Orgill, Irene Orgill, Anne Orgill and Kate Orgill.
  9. In 1944, Kate gave birth to their daughter also named Kate Orgill.
  10. In 1955, he became the president of Orgill Brothers & Co, a hardware firm founded in 1847 and based in Collierville, Shelby County, replacing his cousin Edmund Orgill. His daughter Kate’s husband James Elton Boone worked for the company as an accountant.
  11. On January 4, 1956, his mother died in Memphis at the age of 81.
  12. In 1968, he retired and his son Joseph III became the new Orgill Brothers & Co. president. In 1970, his daughter Kate gave birth to Joseph Orgill Boone.
  13. On January 12, 1980, he died at the age of 76.
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