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James Irby biography: 13 things about Houston, Texas cop


James Bruce Irby was a police officer in Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States. Here are 10 more things about him:

  1. He was born in Houston. His grandfather V. V. Irby Sr. was a Houston Police Department officer. He was able to wear the badge number that his grandfather wore, which was 189.
  2. He was 8 years older than his wife Maura Mills Irby, one of the three daughters of Robert Mills and Kay Mills.
  3. He attended Golfcrest Elementary School and Hartman Junior High School, which are both in Houston. In 1972, he graduated from Jones High School in Houston. 
  4. On November 13, 1972, he joined the HPD as a police trainee.
  5. He entered Police Cadet Class No. 57, which graduated on March 3, 1973.
  6. On September 15, 1973, he successfully completed his HPD probationary period.
  7. As an HPD officer, he was originally assigned to the Point Control Division. From there, he transferred to Radio Patrol Central in 1975.
  8. In 1982, he became an HPD solo motorcycle officer.
  9. In 1987, Maura gave birth to their son Cody James Irby.
  10. In 1989, Maura gave birth to their daughter Cally Ayn Irby.
  11. In May 1990, he handed in his retirement paperwork. He was planning to stay home and open a feed store after retiring, according to Maura.
  12. On June 27, 1990, he pulled over a Pontiac for a traffic stop at the intersection of Airline Drive and Lyerly Street in Houston. John Earl Killingsworth, then 42, was driving the car while Carl Wayne Buntion, then 46, was sitting in the front passenger seat. Buntion got out of the car and shot him in the head while he was talking with Killingsworth. Buntion shot him twice more in the back when he collapsed. He was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston. At 8:32 p.m., he was pronounced dead on arrival. 
  13. He died at the age of 37. He was buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Houston. He was preceded in death by his mother and his paternal grandfather. He was survived by his wife, their two children, his father V. V. Irby Jr., his brother Kelly Irby, his paternal grandmother Thelma Irby, his uncle Bill Folsom and his great-uncle Bubba Irby.
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