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Laurie Houts biography: 10 things about Mountain View, California computer engineer


Laurie Anne Houts was a native of Nevada, United States. Here are 10 more things about her:

Laurie Anne Houts (©Mountain View Police Department)
Laurie Anne Houts (©Mountain View Police Department)
  1. She is one of the four daughters of Virginia Furrer Houts.
  2. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  3. She lived in different parts of California including Davis, San Jose and Milpitas. She worked as a computer engineer at Adobe Systems on Charleston Road in Mountain View, California.
  4. She was 5’0″ tall.
  5. Her boyfriend was the roommate of John Kevin Woodward, who was 7 years younger than her.
  6. Her sister Suzanne Houts was born in March 1963.
  7. Her sisters Cindy Joanne Houts and Linda Jolene Houts were born in March 1970.
  8. From 1982 to 1985, she attended Henry T. Gunderson High School in San Jose where she played three sports including basketball.
  9. On September 5, 1992, after leaving work at Adobe Systems in Mountain View, she was found by a passerby dead with a rope around her neck in her car near a garbage dump on Crittenden Lane in Mountain View. It was about a mile from her work.
  10. She died at the age of 25.

Anyone with information about the murder of Laurie Anne Houts is asked contact the Mountain View Police Department.

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