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Virginia Houts biography: 13 things about San Mateo, Virginia native


Virginia Anne Furrer Houts was a native of Virginia, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She was born in San Mateo, Virginia to Fred F. Furrer and Helen Furrer.
  2. She lived in different parts of California, USA including San Jose and Milpitas. She graduated from St. Catherine’s School and Mercy High School, which are both in Burlingame, California.
  3. She is Michele Samoulides and Cheryl Breining‘s aunt and Eric Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Brian Johnson and Danny Johnson‘s grandmother.
  4. She was two years younger than her brother Fred Furrer Jr., who married Katherine Furrer.
  5. In March 1963, she gave birth to Suzanne Houts. Suzanne lives in Covina, California and is married to Ken Johnson.
  6. In February 1967, she gave birth to Laurie Anne Houts in Las Vegas.
  7. In March 1970, she gave birth to her twin daughters Cindy Joanne Houts and Linda Jolene Houts. Cindy lives in San Jose and is married to Allan Ievers while Linda lives in Spokane, Washington, USA.
  8. She lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for four years. She worked for Bill Briare, the mayor of Las Vegas from 1975 to 1987.
  9. In 1984, she started working as an account executive at All West Insurance Company in San Jose.
  10. On September 5, 1992, her daughter Laurie was found fatally strangled inside her car in Mountain View, California.
  11. In 1998, she retired.
  12. On November 23, 2002, she passed away in San Jose.
  13. She died at the age of 69.
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