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Albert Troy Hale biography: 10 things about US Navy veteran from Choctaw, Arkansas


Albert Troy “Al” Hale was a resident of Choctaw, Arkansas, United States. His family and friends knew he kept a large amount of cash at his home.

Hale was a U.S. Navy veteran. Here are 10 more things about him:

  1. He was born in Arkansas to Rollie Scoby Hale and Doris Dean Goff Hale.
  2. He was a shriner with The India Temple.
  3. He has three brothers namely Sherman Hale, Bill Hale and Gene Hale.
  4. He has three sons namely Ron Hale, Steve Hale and Mitchell Hale and one daughter named Patti Carey.
  5. He has nine grandchildren namely Mike Hale, Matt Hale, Tonya Couch, Tina DeLuca, Nick Graziano, Michael Graziano, Micah Hale, Lucas Hale and Michael Hale.
  6. In 1958, he moved to Choctaw. He had owned the Choctaw Restaurant numerous times. He and James Allen Coddington worked together at Honda Auto Parts in Choctaw for about three years.
  7. On July 15, 1966, his father died at the age of 65. He was buried in Del City, Oklahoma, USA.
  8. On April 12, 1990, his mother died in Midwest, Oklahoma at the age of 86.
  9. On March 5, 1997, Coddington, then 24 and high on cocaine, went to his house in Choctaw to borrow $50 to buy more drugs. He refused and told Coddington to get treatment. Before leaving, Coddington grabbed a hammer off a dishwasher in the kitchen, hit him in the head five times and took $525 out of his front pants pocket. He had over $24,000.00 stashed in his closet that day. In the evening, his son Ron found him lying in his bed, soaked in blood and still breathing but unable to speak. He was transported first to Midwest City Hospital in Midwest City, Oklahoma and then to Presbyterian Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  
  10. On March 6, 1997, he died at Presbyterian Hospital from blunt force head trauma. He was 73. He was buried in Choctaw.
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