Miss Supranational 2011 results: Panama’s Karina Pinilla crowns Poland’s Monika Lewczuk in Plock

  • beauty pageant: Miss Supranational
  • edition: 3rd
  • venue: Płock Amphitheatre, Plock, Poland
  • date: August 26, 2011
  • number of candidates: 70





  • Miss Elegance: Sofinel Baez Santos (Domiican Republic)
  • Miss Photogenic: Natalia Sitnikova (Ukraine)
  • Miss Internet: Michelle Almeida (India)
  • Miss Congeniality: Elaine Elena Ng (Hong Kong)
  • Miss Personality: Mihilani Teixeira (French Polynesia)
  • Miss Talent: Sharie Delva (Bahamas)
  • Miss Top Model: Suzana Matic (Slovenia)
  • Best Body: Sara Weidenblad (Sweden)
  • Best National Costume: Sumayra Barreto Perreira (Brazil)



  • Miss Supranational Africa 2011: Dhesha Jeram (South Africa)
  • Miss Supranational Americas 2011: Sofinel Baez Santos (Dominican Republic)
  • Miss Supranational Asia and Oceania 2011: Michelle Almeida (India)
  • Miss Supranational Europe 2011: Analisa Kebaili (France)


TOP 20

  1. Ágnes Konkoly (Hungary)
  2. Analisa Kebaili (France)
  3. Aneta Grabcová (Czech Republic)
  4. Danelia Nguyễn Thu Mây (Vietnam)
  5. Daniella Rahme (Iceland)
  6. Dhesha Jeram (South Africa)
  7. Eva Caune (Scotland)
  8. Guðrún Rúnarsdóttir (Iceland)
  9. Krystelle Khoury (United States)
  10. Lidia Elena McNulty Espino (Panama)
  11. Liudmila Yakimovich (Belarus)
  12. Michelle Almeida (India)
  13. Mihilani Teixeira (French Polynesia)
  14. Monica Lewczuk (Poland)
  15. Natalia Sitnikova (Ukraine)
  16. Sofinel Baez Santos (Dominican Republic)
  17. Suymara Barreto Parreira (Brazil)
  18. Suzana Matic (Slovenia)
  19. Tania Zuluaga Candamil (Colombia)
  20. Valery Vélez Cuevas (Puerto Rico)



  1. Danelia Nguyễn Thu Mây (Vietnam)
  2. Krystelle Khoury (United States)
  3. Liudmila Yakimovich (Belarus)
  4. Monica Lewczuk (Poland)
  5. Valery Vélez Cuevas (Puerto Rico)



PLACEMENT2010 2011
4th runner-upMaythavee Burapasing
Krystelle Khoury
(United States)
3rd runner-upClaudia Villafuerte
Danelia Nguyễn Thu Mây
2nd runner-upSandra Marinović
Valery Vélez Cuevas
(Puerto Rico)
1st runner-upHana Věrná
(Czech Republic)
Liudmila Yakimovich
Monica Lewczuk

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