beauty pageant results

Miss Universe Sweden 2014 results: Alexandra Friberg crowns Camilla Hansson in Stockholm

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Sweden
  • edition: 6th
  • date: March 28, 2014
  • venue: Gota Kallare Night Club, Stockholm, Sweden
  • candidates: 16



Alexandra Sundell25Gothenburg173 cm53 kg
Beatrice Hallmark21Stockholm172 cm55 kg
Camila Hansson22Stockholm173 cm54 kg
Eleonore Lilja20Stockholm178 cm56 kg
Emilie Nielsen19Gothenburg173 cm56 kg
Erika Ranhagen24Uppsala175cm55 kg
Felicia Aden20Kalmar173 cm59 kg
Fredrika Persson18Stockholm170 cm55 kg
Frida Fornander18Gothenburg177 cm57 kg
Kelly Sucio18Helsningborg178 cm59 kg
Kristina Petrovic24Gothenburg178 cm58kg
Lusi Dimitrova19Helsingborg175 cm57 kg
Natasha Grossman18Landskrona172 cm53 kg
Moa Oberg19Jonkoping174 cm58 kg
Moa Sandberg18Stockholm179.5 cm58 kg
Semina Obradovic20Gothenburg180 cm59 kg


1st runner-upMoa Oberg
Miss Supranational SwedenKristina Petkovic
Miss Grand SwedenEleonore Lilja
Miss Bikini SwedenN/AIzabell Hahn
Miss Earth SwedenFrida Fornander
Denice Andrée
Miss International SwedenMoa Sundberg
Eleonore Lilja
Miss Universe SwedenCamilla Hansson
Alexandra Friberg

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