Walking Baymax appears on ‘Big Hero 6’ red carpet in Hollywood; Scott Adsit talks San Fransokyo


Disney Studios showed a real-life walking Baymax at the red carpet of the recent premiere night of “Big Hero 6” at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, the first ever animated Disney/Marvel film stars Damon Wayans Jr. as Wasabi, Jamie Chung as Go Go, T.J. Miller as Fred, Daniel Henney as Tadashi, Ryan Potter as Hiro and Scott Adsit as Baymax.


“We love Baymax, and he walks like a toddler with a full diaper,” Disney Animation Studios chief creative officer John Lasseter said of the giant inflatable bot created to take care of people. At the premiere night, he wore what he referred to as “a one-of-a-kind Baymax shirt” with “a Japanese robe.”

“This is all the rage in San Fransokyo,” Lasseter said referring to the fictional futuristic hybrid city where the “Big Hero 6” story is set. In an interview with Winnipeg Free Press, Adsit said he was “kind of tying” himself down as he really enjoys “being very physical.”


“I love playing emotion, and this was all about showing just enough that you as an audience can project emotion onto him, and suggest some kind of emotional life where there is no evidence of it,” Adsit explained. “Disney is the pinnacle of animation and quality. So being part of that was a thrill. I was happy just to do the audition, to be at the animation studio and see inside the chocolate factory.”

According to Adsit, he had to hold back his emotions to play Baymax since the character is a machine without human feelings, and establish a “delicate balance” between being human and being robotic. He told Belfast Telegraph, “San Fransokyo is what was so striking to me, that melding of Tokyo and San Francisco and knowing Disney would meld them so equally and perfectly into some new art from.”

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