Miss Singapore World 2015 results: Dalreena Poonam Gill crowns Charity Lu at One Farrer Hotel and Spa

  • beauty pageant: Miss Singapore World
  • edition: 43rd
  • date: October 21, 2015
  • venue: 1 Farrer Park Station Road, One Farrer Hotel and Spa, Singapore
  • number of candidates: 13


  1. Ashley Chin 
  2. Charis Lin
  3. “Charity Maru” Charity Lu Lu Seng
  4. Janessa Tan
  5. Koh Jing Jing
  6. Kuek Ziyi
  7. Loh Qing Yu
  8. Megan Yuen
  9. Noorizzati Raodah Pang Ling Ling
  10. Sharon Nadine Wee
  11. Sheen Cher
  12. Stephanie Raj
  13. Zahirah Khan



  • The Hair Secrets Miss Photogenic: Charis Lin
  • The Hair Secrets Miss Crowning Glory: Sheen Cher
  • Miss Popularity: Sheen Cher
  • Miss Talent 2015: Loh Qing Yu
  • Miss Body Beautiful: Charis Lin
  • Lions Club Ambassador: Janessa Tan



4th princessN/ASheen Cher
3rd princessN/AAshley Chin
2nd princessLouissa Lavnea ThomasCharis Lin
1st princessKimberly LamKuek Ziyi
MISS WORLD SINGAPORE Dalreena Poonam GillCharity Lu Lu Seng

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