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Northern Ireland’s 10 most handsome men alive 2015


Northern Ireland is located in the northeast of the island of Ireland. The former shares a border to the south and west with the latter.

Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland are the constituent countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as the United Kingdom or Britain. England, Wales and Scotland are collectively called Great Britain.

Peter Robinson, 66, is the incumbent first minister of Northern Ireland. He assumed office on June 5, 2008.

Belfast is Northern Ireland’s capital and largest city. Here is the 2015 list of the 10 most handsome living men of Northern Irish descent or citizens and residents of the European country:


#10. Gerard McCarthy


#9. Ian McElhinney


#8. Kenneth Branagh 


#7. Keith Harkin


#6. Richard Dormer


#5. Stephen Hagan


#4. Colin Morgan


#3. Ray Stevenson


#2. Liam Neeson


#1. Jamie Dornan

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