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Complete list of Miss Brazil 2016 candidates


Miss Brazil 2015 Marthina Brandt, 24, of Vale Real, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil will crown her successor at the Citibank Hall in São Paulo, Brazil on October 1, 2016. It will be the 62nd edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Brazil’s Miss Universe candidate.


Currently, Brazil has two Miss Universe crowns, which were won by Ieda Maria Vargas in 1963 and Martha Vasconcellos in 1968. Brandt finished in the Top 15 at Miss Universe 2015.

Representing Brazil’s one federal district and 26 states, there are 27 women competing for the Miss Brazil 2016 crown. Here are the candidates:

 AcreJucianne Menezes20
 AlagoasGabriele Marinho22
 AmapáJoely Teixeira​24
 AmazonasBrena Dianna22
 BahiaVictoria Esteves18
 CearaMorgana Carlos 20
 Distrito FederalSarah Souza20
 Espirito SantoBeatriz Nalli18
 GoiasMonica França21
 MaranhãoDeise D’anne Mendes de Sousa26
 Mato GrossoTaiany Zimpel18
 Mato Grosso do SulYara Deckner Volpe20
 Minas GeraisPaloma Marques 21
 ParaFablina Paixão18
 ParaíbaMayrla Vasconcelos20
 ParanaRaissa Oliveira Santana21
PernambucoTallita Lima20
 PiauíLara Lobo 20
 Rio de JaneiroSabrina Amorim18
Rio Grande do NorteDanielle Marion25
 Rio Grande do SulLetícia Borghetti Kuhn 22
 RondôniaMariana Theol​19
 RoraimaIane Cardoso23
 Santa CatarinaMariana Guerra 24
 São PauloSabrina Paiva21
 SergipeCarol Valença21
 TocantinsJacqueline Verrel24


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