Baguio fighters dominate Philippines’ 2017 Muay Thai National Open again


Baguio City was the overall champion at the second leg of the Philippines’ 2017 Muay Thai National Open held at Elorde Sports Complex in Parañaque, Metro Manila, on May 19-21. The fighters from the city garnered 17 gold, 15 silver and 8 bronze medals.

Adding to the success of Cordilleran fighters during the event were the 3 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals won by fighters from Benguet. One silver medal was also given to a fighter from Ifugao.

Joeseph Oloan.jpgThe head coach for Team Baguio was Mr. Joeseph Oloan, who is also the current chairman of the Muay Thai Association of the Philippines (MAP)- Baguio City Chapter. The assistant coach for the team was Dr. John Cay-ohen, the MAP- Baguio City Chapter’s Medical Committee Chairman.

Muay Thai Team Baguio is composed of various athletes from the combined gyms in the city namely Team Lakay, Team Kafagway MMA, Scorpion Kickboxing International, UB Muaythai Team, UC Muaythai Team, WFP Baguio, Tribal-Torogi and Universal Martial Arts Gym. The team was organized through the help of the participating gyms’ various coaches namely Mark Sangiao, Bryan Olod, Dr. John Cay-ohen, Andy Kissob, Edwin Aliong, Brent Velasco, Christian Villareal, Dare Malecdan, Marvin Sicomen, Perlito Siador and Edzel Ngina.

(Muay Thai Association of the Philippines- Baguio City Chapter Chairman Joeseph Oloan receives the overall championship trophy at the second leg of the Philippines’ 2017 Muay Thai National Open held at Elorde Sports Complex on May 19-21, 2017.  photo credit: Bryan Olod)

Muay Thai

(Team Baguio was the overall champion at the second leg of the Philippines’ 2017 Muay Thai National Open. photo credit: Bryan Olod)

Headed by Francis Amandy, MAP-National Capital Region Chapter organized the event with the support of MAP President Gen. Lucas Managuelod and MAP Secretary General Pearl Anne Managuelod. Around 143 athletes joined the second leg.

In 2016, Baguio City fighters won 2 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronzes making their team the overall champion during the first leg of the Philippines’ 2017 Muay Thai National Open held at Teacher’s Camp in the city. Olod, the MAP-Baguio City Chapter President, said that the two consecutive overall championships bagged by the Baguio athletes in the Philippines’ 2017 Muay Thai National Open “only proved that the Cordilleras is home to combative athletes in the country.”

“Our athletes have always embodied the virtue of patience and hard work to be on top,” Olod said. “We hope we could triple this in the third leg of the Muay Thai National Open slated in Dumaguete City sometime in July. We really wish that with these events, we could discover more athletes to represent the country in the international arena.”

Here is a list of the victorious fighters from the Cordillera Administrative Region at the second leg of Philippines’ 2017 Muay Thai National Open:

Advanced Category:


Gold: Jhayson Cosme (Baguio, SM 54 kg)

Gold: Felix Dave Cantores (Baguio, JM 16-17, 60 kg)

Gold: Kurt Lubrica (Baguio, JM 16-17, 51 kg)

Gold: Ezra Saclag (Baguio, JM 14-15, 54 kg)

Gold: Zephania Ngaya (Sablan, Benguet, SF 60 kg)

Gold: Mark Sumalag (Baguio, SM 67 kg)

Gold: Jenelyn Olsim (Baguio, SF 54 kg)

Gold: Carissa Tarapen (Baguio, SF 51 kg)

Gold: Iverson Baniaga (Baguio, JM 14-15, 67 kg)

Gold: Aldrich Toralba (Baguio, JM 14-15, 51 kg)

Gold: Quilord Lendsey Dang-ay (Benguet, JF 16-17, 54 kg)

Gold: Rosemarie Recto (Baguio, JF 16-17, 51 kg)

Gold: Islay Erika Bomogao (Baguio, JF 16-17, 48 kg)

Gold: Jerriane Mae Leo (Sablan, Benguet, JF 14-15, 57 kg)

Gold: Mariah Co (Baguio, JF 14-15, 51 kg)

Gold: Rainielle Juene Mabiasan (Baguio, JF 12-13, 48 kg)

Gold: Reshie Bagni (Sablan, Benguet, JF 12-13, 45 kg)


Silver: Mhel Clinton Remolar (Baguio, SM 57 kg)

Silver: Daryl Chulipas (Baguio, SM 51 kg)

Silver: Christian Ende (Baguio, SM 48 kg)

Silver: Laurence Balanza (Baguio, SM 45 kg)

Silver: Daniel Dave Egsaen (Baguio, JM 16-17, 60 kg)

Silver: June Rey Wag-eyen (Baguio, JM 16-17, 54 kg)

Silver: Nelson Bantiyan (Baguio, JM 16-17, 48 kg )

Silver: Kian Brean Baniaga (Baguio, JM 14-15, 63.5 kg )

Silver: Jhanlo Mark Sangiao (Baguio, JM 14-15, 54 kg)

Silver: Jon Ernes Espada (Baguio, JM 14-15, 45 kg)

Silver: Randall Tupac (Baguio, SM 60 kg)

Silver: Rosal Balaybay (Sablan, Benguet, SM 54 kg)

Silver: Blue Thunder Amdengan (Baguio, SM 51 kg)

Silver: Shaira Tolmod (Sablan, Benguet, JF 16-17, 54 kg)

Silver: Jayvie Mae Espada (Baguio, SF 51 kg)

Silver: Jovelyn Pascual (Sablan, JF 14-15, 51 kg)

Silver: Jzca G. Tultog (Ifugao, JF 12-13, 45 kg)


Bronze: Kervin Lampacan (Baguio, SM 60 kg)

Bronze: Bryan Aban (Baguio, SM 57 kg)

Bronze: Jomar Balangui (Baguio, SM 54 kg)

Bronze: Roderick Hilario (Baguio, SM 51 kg)

Bronze: Wilfredo Padua (Baguio, SM 48 kg)

Bronze: Lemar Navarro (Baguio, JM 14-15, 54 kg)

Bronze: Kevin Kurt Katter (Baguio, SM 60 kg)

Bronze: Jefferson Quimo (Sablan, Benguet, SM 51 kg)

Bronze: Leomar Mateo (Baguio, SM 51 kg)

Bronze: Angelica Daniel (Sablan, Benguet, JF 16-17, 48 kg)


Novice Category:


Cazzel Gatinao (Baguio, JF 14-15, 57 kg)

Daren A. Padsingan (Baguio, JM 14-15, 48 kg


Jun Rayne Espada (Baguio, JM 12-13, 50kg )

Xander Alipio (Baguio, JM 14-15, 48 kg)

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