Team Lakay head coach Mark Sangiao: I want Conor McGregor to win but…

Mark Sangiao, Conan Altatis

Mark Sangiao, Conan Altatis

Mark Sangiao is one of those who want their fellow MMA fighter Conor McGregor to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their superfight on Aug. 26, Saturday, in Paradise, Nevada. However, the Team Lakay head coach recognizes the fact that Mayweather is more likely to win the fight.

A day before the superfight between McGregor and Mayweather, I visited the Team Lakay gym in La Trinidad, Benguet. I took the opportunity to ask Sangiao in an interview on his thoughts about the upcoming boxing match,

“I want McGregor to win but this is the forte of Mayweather,” Sangiao said. The Team Lakay head coach explained that Mayweather has the advantage since this is a boxing match.

This does not necessarily mean that McGregor has zero chance of winning. When I asked Sangiao what McGregor needed to do to defeat Mayweather, he said the Irish MMA fighter has to use his precision and timing as he exhibited in his previous fights.

Mayweather is currently an undefeated boxer. He won all of his 49 professional boxing fights, 26 of which were via knockout.

On the other hand, McGregor is a former UFC featherweight champion and the reigning UFC lightweight champion. His fight against Mayweather is his first professional boxing match.

Meanwhile, watch my interview with the Team Lakay head coach here:

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