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UFC fighter Rolando Gabriel Dy explains MMA fighters’ striker mentality

Rolando Gabriel Dy, Conan Altatis

Rolando Gabriel Dy, Conan Altatis

In June, Rolando Gabriel “Dy Incredible” Dy officially became an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, the ultimate goal of many, if not all, young MMA fighters around the world. On Aug. 31, Thursday, he and his two fellow Filipino UFC fighters Jenel “The Demolition Man” Lausa and CJ “Golden Boy” de Tomas had a press conference at H.I.D. Burgers at City Gold Plaza in Pasig City, Metro Manila.

In a short interview with Dy after the press conference, I asked him what he thought was the mistake commonly committed by new MMA fighters nowadays. He said new MMA fighters particularly in the Philippines have the striker mentality, which he said he also used to have.

Dy pointed out that in the Philippines, there are many solid strikers, solid boxers and solid Muay Thai fighters who do not have a ground game. When such fighters enter MMA fighters, they get choked out and dominated on the ground, he said.

Fighters with the striker mentality think that good striking skills are enough to win an MMA fight, according to Dy. He explained that this kind of mindset is wrong because it is necessary for MMA fighters to be well-rounded.

Rolando Gabriel Dy (Dojo Drifter)

Rolando Gabriel Dy (Mike Miguel/Dojo Drifter)

To young people who want to become a UFC fighter, Dy’s advice is to “dream big, pray, trust God and work hard.” He also asked his fans to support him and watch his fight against Japanese fighter Teruto Ishihara on Sept. 23 at “UFC Fight Night 117” at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

“UFC Fight Night 117” is Dy’s second UFC fight and his chance to redeem himself. On June 17, he made his UFC debut by taking the fight against Alex Caceres on two weeks notice but the Filipino fighter lost to his American opponent due to technical knockout via eye injury in Round 2.

Dy is the son of former WBC junior lightweight champion Rolando “The Bad Boy of Dadiangas” Navarette. Watch my interview with Dy here:

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