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‘Wildflower’ star Sunshine Cruz on boxing, going to school, falling in love

Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz

“Wildflower” actress Sunshine Cruz, 40, is often referred to as a timeless beauty in Philippine show business. The youthful mother of three shared pieces of advice on health, education, career and love in an interview during her contract signing with ALV Talent Circuit on Sept. 14, Thursday, at Full Belly Craft Kitchen in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

I asked the actress and singer, who stars in “Wildflower” with her uncle Tirso Cruz III, how she keeps herself in shape. She revealed that she regularly works out amid her busy schedule with showbiz and motherhood.

Conan Altatis, Sunshine Cruz

Conan Altatis, Sunshine Cruz

As long as Sunshine’s schedule allows it, she does boxing, spinning and Zumba three times a week. In particular, she enjoys boxing with her trainer in the gym and it seems that it is working in her favor as it helps her maintain a beautiful physique.

For Sunshine, loving yourself means taking care of yourself. She wanted to maintain her health so she could live long for her three daughters.

From 2009 to 2011, Sunshine went on hiatus so she could focus on her three children. She made a comeback in 2012 and since then, she has been regularly starring on TV shows of ABS-CBN despite not being an exclusive artist of the network.

While making her acting comeback in the past few years, Sunshine went back to school. At the age of 39, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arellano University in 2016.

To those who are hesitating to go back to school because they feel like they are too old, Sunshine wants to set herself as an example. She said she proudly collected her diploma during her graduation while being one of the oldest ones there and her batch mates are almost half her age.

Among the things Sunshine wants her daughters to do is to do well in school. The “Wildflower” star earned her bachelor’s degree to make sure she is credible enough to ask her daughters to do that and she is proud that her daughters are honor students.

Samantha Angeline Montano, Angel Francheska Montano, Sunshine Cruz, Angelina Cruz (Sunshine Cruz/Instagram)

Samantha Angeline Montano, Angel Francheska Montano, Sunshine Cruz, Angelina Cruz (Sunshine Cruz/Instagram)

One of Sunshine’s daughters, Angelina Cruz, 15, is also signed with ALV Talent Circuit. She is pursuing a career as a singer but has yet to try acting like her mother.

To maintain a long-lasting career, Sunshine’s advice to young actors is to be professional, respectful and humble. On falling in love, she said it is important to wait for the right time for the right one to come along.

No wonder Sunshine exudes youthful beauty and energy. Healthy, educated and in love, this working mother is a testament that age is just a number and even without saying words, she can show how happy and content she is right now simply with her smile.

Watch my full interview with Sunshine here:

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